Thank You, Next!

As much as the #10YearChallenge was fun, I think what we should focus more on what’s next.  Those 10 years are already done, now what?

A little over five years ago, I was asked where I see myself for the next five and 10 years.  Although that question didn’t come as a surprise, coming up with an honest and meaningful answer was a challenge, especially for the latter.  I mean, 10 years?  But as challenging as that may be, I think it’s a question one must really ask themselves.  We would not want to be just running around in place for the next decade, would we?

That next five years ago just passed recently.  Looking back, I think I’m satisfied with what I’ve achieved.  To be honest, I played safe with my target.  And while I was not disappointed, I don’t think I really reached that far.  But with that in mind, I don’t think I should just play it safe for the next five years, again!  I’m not getting any younger and opportunities become less as we age.

And so for the next five years, I challenge myself to aim higher, be bolder, go further, and do new things even if scares the heck out of me!  I shall make SMART goals, too!  And for the next five years, I shall:

  • Reduce my debt (loan) to half.
  • Increase my income by at least half.
  • Go to places I have never been before.
  • Do at least one thing that scares me.

This list is just the start, and writing it down should give me a target to focus on for the next five years.  I shall keep this in mind so that I can keep track.  May the odds be in my favor to achieve these goals.  Hopefully, five years from now, I can look back at this list and laugh at how “mediocre” my goals were.

To the last five, 10 years that passed, thank you for all the lessons!  Next!

* * *

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