Masked Runner

For the first time this year, I was finally able to run!  But because it had been a long time since my previous, I did some mistakes which I thought of noting for the sake of posterity.

The last time I really ran was last year prior to the strict use of face shields.  I think I got the face shield aspect correctly by wearing something that doesn’t bounce around as I move and is relatively comfortable to wear.  It can get really hot and foggy so it’s still best to run when the weather is cooler.  I think some areas are more lenient when it comes to wearing a face shield when running, but since I can’t run as fast as I used to, I’m fine with wearing them if it’s not too hot.

The biggest mistake that I did during my run last weekend was the choice of face mask.  Surgical masks are a big no for me as they are very difficult to breathe in.  They also lose their structural integrity with prolonged use, especially when they get wet.  The better option for me which I use whenever I get out are KN95 masks which have their fold vertically so they don’t collapse on your nose even when wet.  But they’re still not recommendable for more strenuous activities like running or working out as they’re not that breathable to sustain heavy breathing.  In my opinion, masks made of cloth are still best for running or working out especially when you’re outdoors and still practicing social distancing.  Unfortunately, I only realized that I was wearing a KN95 mask instead of a cloth mask when I was already a couple of hundred meters into my run.

Arrived at the very breezy bay just missing the sun… these were my running gears of the day.

Aside from the mandatory wearables, I also brought along my own water so that I can hydrate anytime, my wallet, and my phone for tracking my distance.  I used one of those sling bags that you used to get from races to carry them all, although I did consider just placing everything in my pocket and just carry my water bottle.

One of the challenges when running in the city is having to run on what limited space construction sites spared you.

The ongoing Run for the Oceans event was definitely key to motivating me to run despite the hot weather and challenging situation.  The route I picked was towards Manila Bay and the thought of seeing sunset in the area added fuel to this drive.  Unfortunately, the sun had already hidden itself behind the clouds low on the horizon as a finished my run, but I was still greeted with some spectacular sights.  In the end, I managed around 11K that day.  Hopefully, I get to run more regularly in the future and bring back my endurance and speed.

Arriving at the bay area. Most of these buildings were still under construction when I was last here.
Just missed the sun when I arrived to take photos but I still get to see some spectacular show of light.
The skyline of the city of Manila.

Looking forward to that day that we can all run without masks again!

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