2022: Twenty-Twenty, too?!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe that it’s 2022 already! Will this be the year we finally get out of the pandemic? Or will this be a 2020, too?

My Fitness Journey (2021)

Some things that are lost can be regained, and that’s what 2021 proved to me.  It gave me the opportunity to regain most of the years’ worth of progress I’ve lost in 2020—in three months!  Here’s my journey.

Best Nine (2021)

2021 may be a challenging year, but good things still happened. Here are nine of the best things fitness, running, and health related that happened to me in 2021:

Adieu, 2021!

And just like that, 2021 is over!  Somehow, I can’t decide if this year is better or worse than 2020, but I sure am glad that we’re still here, surviving.