Review: Nabaiji Swim Goggles

A few weeks ago, I visited sports retailer Decathlon to stock up on some swimming gears.  One of the items I got is a pair of goggles from their in-house brand, Nabaiji.  Here’s my review.

Nabaiji 100 XBASE swimming goggles.

I knew I needed to get new swimming goggles when the ones I used kept leaking no matter how many adjustments I made.  But since I only swim for recreation and fitness, I only needed the basics.

Nabaiji is the swimming and aqua sports brand of Decathlon.  As far as their swimming goggles is concerned, they do offer a lot of options but what caught my attention is their ₱200 100 XBASE model.  I admit it took me a while to decide if I would get it as I was coming from a much more expensive brand but in the end, practicality set in—if it wasn’t that good then I would only lose ₱200!

It was a big adjustment for me the first time I put it on.  My former goggles have translucent gasket while the Nabaiji XBASE is solid black so it felt like I was looking through a telescope.  Nonetheless, it didn’t take long until I got adjusted to my new field of view.  The gaskets did not leak even with minimal adjustment and it stayed fixed during my swim.


  • Price (₱200)
  • Good fit
  • Good leak resistance
  • Adjustable


  • Field of view
  • Adjustment

Overall, I find the Nabaiji XBASE an excellent product for its price.  For ₱200, it’s very difficult to complain.  I suggest though that you avoid adjusting it as it can be quite a challenge, especially when you’re already wearing it.  If you’re the person who always breaks or looses their goggles, or is just looking for something basic without breaking the bank, I can recommend the Nabaiji XBASE.

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