Don’t Discard Your Expired MRT (Beep) Cards!

Got an expired Beep card?  Don’t discard them as you can extend their expiry.  Here’s how.

Beep cards have a set expiration date regardless if they still have credits (load) and you use them daily.  But you don’t have to get a new one once they expire, all you have to do is go to an MRT station and have it checked at the cashier.  If it still has a balance, you’d be referred to a machine where you can extend the expiry date.  It works like the loading machine: you place your card, wait a short while, and it will print you a receipt confirmation the transaction.  The catch though is that it isn’t free—extension costs ₱10, valid for an additional year.

Sample receipt.  I guess it now costs ₱10/year to keep using this card.  I don’t see any reason other than business why the cards should expire in a year.

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