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Are You Ready For QCIM?

Last night running-bloggers were gathered at Kabisera for the much anticipated first Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM) and all I can say is that I’m definitely excited.  Unlike other marathons in the country the QCIM covers only one city—Quezon City of course and with a great route it surely is one that you shouldn’t miss.  This event is being organized by Finishline and Runnex in partnership with the Quezon City government.

A League on its Own

Being an international race you may opt to join the local or international categories provided you are a native of the Philippines, otherwise you automatically fall on the international category.  This is due to the different prizes at stake for the different categories:

International Category Prizes:

Male Female
Place Prizes (Php) Place Prizes (Php)
1st 300,000.00 1st 300,000.00
2nd 200,000.00 2nd 200,000.00
3rd 100,000.00 3rd 100,000.00
4th 75,000.00 4th 75,000.00
5th 40,000.00 5th 40,000.00
6th 30,000.00 6th 30,000.00
7th 25,000.00 7th 25,000.00
8th 20,000.00 8th 20,000.00
9th 15,000.00 9th 15,000.00
10th 10,000.00 10th 10,000.00
TOTAL 816,000.00 TOTAL 816,000.00

Local Category Prizes:

Male Female
Place Prizes (Php) Place Prizes (Php)
1st 150,000.00 1st 150,000.00
2nd 100,000.00 2nd 100,000.00
3rd 75,000.00 3rd 75,000.00
4th 50,000.00 4th 50,000.00
5th 30,000.00 5th 30,000.00
6th 10,000.00 6th 10,000.00
TOTAL 415,000.00 TOTAL 415,000.00

If you’re confused to which category to join I suggest you put in Local.  There are certain details about this and I suggest you contact the organizers for more information.


Due to persistent public demand pacers would be available in varying paces for both 42K and 21K.  If you aim for a particular finish time I suggest you look for these pacers.  You may also look for me on race day as I am an official pacer for 42K with a finish time of 6 hours (about 8:31 / km pace).  Pacers for 42K include 3:45, 3:50, 4:00, 4:15 4:30, 5:30, and 6:00 finish time (in hours).

All About Bibs

The organizers always keep telling us to put our race bibs up front but do we really know why?  The primary reason for this is to allow the race marshals to guide and assist you as soon as you’re in their field of sight.  If you’re not contented with that think PhotoVendo—your pictures may not be taken!  Photographers may not take your pictures if they didn’t see your race bib, and even if they did if it didn’t register with the photo you have no way of finding it conveniently.

QCIM race bib and timing chip

QCIM race bib and timing chip

Register Early

Slots in all categories are limited so it’s better to secure your place by registering early.  You also have the benefit of a cheaper registration fee, multiple registration locations (including online), and convenience of not having so much crowd.  Registration starts this Friday, September 11, 2009 until October 4, 2009 at the following: Timex SM Megamall, SM Southmall, Glorietta 3, SM North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia; Nike Park Bonifacio High Street; and Second Wind Teacher’s Village, Diliman.  Should slots still be available beyond those dates you may only register in Quezon City Hall until October 11, 2009 with a higher registration fee.  Race kit with singlet and timing chip will be given upon registration.

For more information about this race you may visit


Get Ready for the Kenny’s Open ’09 Urbanite Run

The next race to feature a disposable timing chip is due to arrive on August 15, 2009 via the Kenny’s Open ’09 Urbanite Run.  This is another race organized by Finishline so expectations are naturally high, especially with the timing chips and the interesting results it generates.

This race is set apart from the norm by being the held on a Saturday night.  It is also a fund raising run for the benefit of Hands On Manila Foundation, Inc. and 57:75 Movement so you know that it’s worthwhile.

Easy and Fast Registration

If all registration processes were like this one’s it would be a delight!  By far registration for this race is one of the most convenient with numerous Kenny Rogers branch to choose from and virtually no lines!  I registered on KR Megamall branch and it was pretty quick—a banner was placed for quick recognition and the staff manning the process was really helpful and informed so it was a hassle-free experience.

Registration costs P600 which would make this the costliest “typical” race so far in the Philippines but as stated earlier part of it goes to charity.  For the P600, P200 goes to the aforementioned institutions, P200 goes to the race dues, and the remaining P200 returns to you as a food stub so when you think about it, it’s not that expensive.  You get to enjoy a night run, eat good food, and be able to help the fund-raising—I’d say a pretty good combo.

Notes and Reminders

The “Eat” stub can be used from July 15 to October 15, 2009 so there’s no need to rush in using it.  It’s accepted at all Kenny Rogers Roasters branch including the Kenny’s Roast & Grill restaurant at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.

The “Donate” stub should be brought on the night of the race where it should be dropped at designated drop-boxes.  What happens if bearers fail to do so is unspecified but I think this process would just be for visual representation of how much funds we would generate.

Make sure to arrive at the assembly area by 7:00PM especially if you have vehicles to park (since it’s on a Saturday night).  Gun start for the races are as follows:

15K: 8:00PM
10K: 8:45PM
5K: 9:00PM

Don’t lose your claim stub as it contains your registration information needed for a quick claiming process.  Race kits may be claimed in front of Nike Park in Bonifacio High Street on August 13 to 14, 2009, from 3:30PM to 11:00PM.  The race kit includes the following:

  • Official race number
  • Route map
  • Singlet
  • Disposable timing chip

Baggage deposit service is available from 7:00PM to 2:00AM.

If you plan on joining this race register now to avoid the “last minute crowd.”  It would also be better for both the runners and organizers if we all have time to spare and not wait for the deadline, especially that the race kits are not immediately distributed.  You may download the registration form here courtesy of Kenny Rogers Roasters Online.

All I can say it that all things are going smoothly so far with this race, and if everything goes as the organizers planned, this may be one of the best races of the year.  If you have further enquiries about this race you may contact Vince Mendoza at (+63 2) 703 1736.


Run for Home Race Results, Criticisms, and Commendations

Have you seen your race results?  Perhaps one of the best innovations that this race contributed to the Philippine running scene was its adaptation of globally competitive race results due to the usage of the timing chips.  Although it took a little longer than runners expected, the informative race result was never seen before in the country—complete with interesting facts that makes for a fascinating read.  Before, runners are just given a list of runners’ official time with some basic info and ranking, and now we get much more information than we’re used to.  Exclusively local runners didn’t realize what they were missing until Run for Home showed them what runners on other side of the world enjoy.  As the saying goes, “you can’t crave for something you don’t know,” and with what this race had shown the archetype of races had just been heaved higher—way above the previous norm.  Had this result been furnished earlier, my “fair” rating for this race would’ve been “good” since it really improved the overall experience of the race (by the time of the next race the organizers should’ve improved on this aspect).

My Run for Home results

You may get your individual race result from Globe’s website.

Criticisms and Commendations

Despite best efforts and intentions, a new system would always have some problems, and in this case some of the issues were wrong gender information (thus ruining the otherwise great result set) and missing results (which possibly could’ve been due to a system “bug” or incorrect use of the timing chip by the runner).  There were a lot of denigration thrown at the organizers but in fairness to them not all of it is their fault so if you had problems with your race results you may always inform the organizers your concerns and hopefully they can address your issues.

I know there were a lot of disparaging words about this race that circled the blogosphere and as it may seem like it’s “whining” and sometimes even a bit unreasonable but these are actually “unsolicited feedbacks” from the runners themselves.  Had it not been for these “whining” runners there may not have been a need for innovation in the local running scene and nobody would’ve initiated a feat like Run for Home did.  If nobody asked for better races, would a necessity to have one arise?  Finishline being a pioneer would of course have to endure all of these criticisms, like soldiers in the frontline on the battlefield.  And for being brave enough to be up front, I truly commend the people behind Finishline.  Being run by humans we accept that we have shortcomings and realizing these leads to improvement.

Some say that we should be thankful of what we have now because most of the things we enjoy didn’t exist even a few years back.  Given that fact we know that we are improving.  We improved not by knowing what we had—we improved by realizing what we lack.  If you were to improve your run, do you compare yourself to the poorer runner, or do you seek to be like the better one? In this case the poorer runner was the “old” standards and the better one would be the world-class standards.

Run for Home may not have turned out the way a lot of people had hoped but the lessons and experience gained with this race surely would lead the local running scene to better tracks and higher standards.  Let us keep supporting local races and let us keep giving organizers our “unsolicited feedbacks” so that they know if they’re on the right track.  Critique the problems but commend the accomplishments.

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