Shoe Review: FILA Skele-toes Glide

FILA recently joined the trend of having “foot gloves” with their Skele-toes line and I’m glad to be one of the early adopters of one of their latest models, the Glide.  Here are my thoughts.

FILA Skele-toes Glide

At first glance, it does look a lot like a shoe from Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) Komodo but if you look closer, it only has four “fingers.”  No, it’s not for those who only have four toes on each foot—the outer slot is designed to accommodate two toes. 🙂

Now where did I saw soles like these? 😀


  • Mesh uppers with microsuede overlays
  • Injected-EVA outsoles
  • Toggle lace closures
  • 4-toe construction
  • EZ-Slide design
  • Welded quarter panels
  • 1.5 lbs (24 oz) per pair


There were only just two models from the Skele-toes line when I got my pair, and among the two Glide was the more flexible one.  Unlike the other model which has a solid rubber sole, Glide has “pancake grooves” which isn’t unique and is in fact similar with those from competing brands.  Since I intended on looking for a shoe that I can use for running, a flexible sole is a must.  There weren’t many options from the line to begin with so picking the Glide was automatic.

First Fit

While FILA Skele-toes Glide may look like minimalist shoes from competing brands, the similarity is just superficial.  The “pancake soles” were quite thick that you hardly feel the ground, so the feeling was similar to a regular running shoe.  Well at least it felt like you can wear it without socks, as it’s supposed to be with such “fingered” design.  And because it only has four slots, it’s feels a bit “weird” initially.

FILA Four Fingers?  Honestly, I think that the “laces”
are unnecessary and just decorative.

In terms of weight, it’s quite light but it could be much lighter.  At 24 oz per pair, it’s not hefty but it is a heavyweight if you compare it with VFF Sprint and the ultra-light K-Swiss K-Ona which are both less than 10 oz per pair!  (Maybe they could drop the shoelaces?)

Test Run: adobo Run After Dark 2012

The first race that came along for this shoe was a “mere” 5K, and I’m thankful that it was “just” a 5K!  Going straight to the point, this shoe is not for running, sockless at least.  This was the first time I had blisters on a 5K race!  And it was on both feet!

While the shoe may fit well, its seam at the back is hard and rubs against your skin so just before I finished my race I had a huge blister at the back of my left foot.  My right foot also had a blister but it was on my big toe, and the type that has blood in it.  This makes this shoe not “road worthy” for me.

The back portion (pointed to by the arrow) is the culprit behind the long blister at the back of my left foot after a 5K run


In summary, here are my thoughts on FILA Skele-toes Glide:


  • Flexible soles
  • Interesting designs and color options
  • Can be worn without socks


  • Not ideal for running sockless
  • Its price range at its “regular price” it is very expensive considering it would be in the range of a lot of other arguably better options

Overall, FILA Skele-toes Glide is a “lifestyle” shoe more than anything else.  It fits well and feels like a regular running shoe, except for the “four fingers” part which can feel awkward at first.  Personally I think it’s good for the gym since it isn’t that heavy, flexible, and can be worn without socks, but I can’t recommend it for running long distances.  Despite that, it still could be good enough for those who are looking for shoes that grab attention.  Since FILA in the Philippines in almost always on “sale” you may be able to get this at a bargain.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. yuge says:

    thanks for the review sir d.:-)


    1. sera says:

      thanks for this review. really helpful. would’ve almost gotten a pair kase they’re on sale right now


      1. dhenztm says:

        You’re welcome 🙂


  2. Mae says:

    where did you buy that shoes?its great,,,how much?I want this for the upcoming bday of my husband,,,thanks,,,I hope u can help me,,thanks in advance


    1. dhenztm says:

      I got this pair from FILA store in Trinoma. Price varies because FILA is always on Sale so you may want to just check the store for the actual price. 🙂


  3. Mike Muega says:

    Hi! I know I’m coming in late on skeletoes. It’s already 2015 and this thread is 2013. But I want to get my own pair here in the Philippines. I’m from Quezon City. Did Fila continue marketing the skeletoes after settling their case with Vibram? If yes, where can I buy my own pair/s? Thanks!


    1. dhenztm says:

      I don’t know really, but just in case you may check FILA stores in malls. There’s one in Trinoma.


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