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Impromptu Baguio

When you suddenly have a long weekend ahead of you, what do you do?  Normally, I’d just catch some sleep but since the Labor Day weekend became unexpectedly longer, a quick getaway is in order.

Hello, Baguio!

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Strawberry Chronicles: Glenn 50’s Diner

Glenn 50’s Diner had always been a favorite spot for me ever since I first tried it years ago.  I’ve never, ever failed to return whenever I’m in Baguio and this time I think it’s time for a full feature!

Glenn 50’s Diner

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Strawberry Chronicles: Impromptu Trip to Baguio! (Day Three)

Time flies so fast when you’re having fun.  It’s our third and final day in the cool and breezy city of pines, Baguio.  On our third and last day, the sun got shy and we were threatened by the rains!

Rizal Park in Baguio City

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Strawberry Chronicles: Impromptu Trip to Baguio!

I have been going through a lot of stress lately.  It’s funny that I haven’t had this much stress when I was doing regular office work.  I guess real life is more stressful!  And because of that I just decided to have a quick getaway.  Two options were in my mind: the beach or the mountain.  And by the title of this post, you can already guess which one won.

Dawn in Baguio City

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TNF100 2010 Chronicles: Post Race Hurrah (Part 5)

After a successful TNF100 campaign the next agenda on our list was to eat and freshen up!  Who needs rest after a hundred kilometers of trail? 😛

Goofing around right after finishing: the 100K guys Ronald, Me, and Pat with the 50K gals Ellen, Tracy, and Carly. They woke up early just to see us finish. Thank you ladies! Photo courtesy Jairuz Agang-ang

What I love about Baguio City was that practically everywhere was just a ride away—a taxi ride away!  After freshening up back at our transient home (via taxi of course, we had our daily quota of walking done already) we were once again on our way back to Burnham Park to eat (try the Bulalo and barbecue right behind the park) and then watch the awarding ceremonies.

Club 100K: Nao, Ronald, Me, Pat, and Chris together with our good friend Craig

For the 100K finishers

I would like to congratulate our friends who not only conquered their respective races but also had a podium finish: Nao Checa and Odessa Coral, 7th and 9th Female 100K, respectively; Jairuz Agang-ang, 10th Male 50K; Joyce Pacquing and Carly Dizon, 4th and 9th Female 50K, respectively.

Congratulations as well to all my “kabsat” as well:

100K: Wilnar Iglesia • Chris Cornejo • Ric Cabusao, Jr. • Isko Lapira
• Ronald Declarador • Jonel Mendoza • Pat Alcomendas • George Dolores

50K: Rhoderick Guieb • Rodel Cuaton
• Ellen Encinares • Tracy Carpena • Ellen Castillo

Indeed this year’s TNF100 is one of the most organized races I’ve ever had and certainly one that would be remembered for its epic difficulty.  It was a Very Good race on a perfect location with excellent routes.  My verdict: 4.5/5.

First 30K route via GF405 and Google Earth

Last Supper: Slaughter

Fast forward to dinner.  By its reputation and curious name, we arrived at this place:

Yes you read it right, Sto. Niño Slaughter! This place used to be a site of a slaughter house, thus the name but is now called Balajadia, where a similarly named restaurant is located; another must try on my list.Where it’s located


Monday, April 26, 2010, our last day in beautiful Baguio.  Since we only had time for a few stops we opted to go to the market first to buy some souvenirs (aside from Ube and Strawberry Jam, Peanut Brittles from Pangasinan are excellent!) and then have lunch near our bus terminal, where another pleasant surprise awaited us.

Time to go home, our transient home in the background

My lunch! Rice with Pizza, Chicken, Steak, Vegetables, Spaghetti

Tracy’s ginormous club sandwich

Ronald and Carly’s specialty coffee

The gang: Ronald, Carly, Tracy, Ellen, and Me

Glenn 50’s Diner: Two thumbs up! Excellent food with huge servings, great value for money—our perfect last lunch at Baguio City

Departing for the bus terminal (dark because of the blackout when we were about to leave)

Thank you Baguio City! We’ll surely be back!

Baguio City is definitely one of my favorite destinations in the country so far.  It is probably the most tourist-friendly city I’ve been to in the Philippines and the weather is simply excellent.  I sure hope though that nature will always be a part of this beautiful city.  I’ll be looking forward for my next visit!

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