Strawberry Chronicles: Glenn 50’s Diner

Glenn 50’s Diner had always been a favorite spot for me ever since I first tried it years ago.  I’ve never, ever failed to return whenever I’m in Baguio and this time I think it’s time for a full feature!

Glenn 50’s Diner

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Glenn 50’s Diner, or just simply 50’s Diner, is the reason why I love diners.  I think I’m attracted to their theme that reflects a bygone era, but of course the theme alone won’t cut it.

For my most recent trip to Baguio, I got a chance to eat at 50’s Diner on two occasions: lunch and dinner.  Thankfully it was a weekday so we need not fall in line to get a seat, as my former visits entailed.  If you plan on visiting on a weekend or during tourist peak season, be extra early as the queue can really get long.


50’s Diner, as the name implies, kind of look like a diner in the 1950s.  And it actually seems like some of the decors they have are really from that era like the posters, wall decals, and the jukebox.  It’s not like some other diners that were “forced” to look old—everything just seems really old in 50’s Diner—in a good way that is.  Too bad that the jukebox doesn’t work as I’ve not seen a working one since I was a small kid.

The walls are decorated with posters from the era
…and some memorabilia as well
From my first visit in 2010


Eating in 50’s Diner is an experience.  It’s overwhelming.  It’s intimidating.  It’s crazy, but it works!  You are presented with a menu with quite an overwhelming selection.  The selection are intimidating because of the sheer size of their servings.  And it’s crazy because of all the food items that seemingly won’t work together are put together in their meals, like a gang, and it works! 🙂

“Guys on the Hood” (2013)
Bread, pizza, spaghetti, fries, pork chop, and fried chicken
What’s not to love? 😀
“Guys on the Hood” (2010)
This was my first meal here and is one of the best sellers
The “Gambler” (2013)
Shrimps on orange slices, pork chop, vegetables, and rice
The “Gambler” (2012)
Still practically the same as last year’s
“SHE” (2011)
Pork chop, fried chicken, hotdog, fish fillet, and rice (I forgot if there are any other items lurking under the pile of meat :-D)
“Full House”
Chili wings, vegetables, baked macaroni, and a fried wrap with fillings similar to a California maki, sans the seaweed
Club sandwich (2010)
This is just a single order!
“Gangsta Gangsta”
Pork chop, fried chicken, vegetables, egg, rice, and something similar to fried lumpia

Aside from food, they also serve interesting concoctions.  Unfortunately it’s mostly cold so it was inappropriate for the weather we were experiencing.

50’s Diner specialty coffees
I forgot what this is called 🙂


Food at 50’s Diner are unbelievably affordable.  Would you believe that every item that I featured here don’t exceed ₱200?  Given the serving size and the quality of food, that’s ridiculously cheap!  And some items even go below ₱100.


I can’t really say anything good or bad with the service at 50’s Diner.  It’s the usual service you get from any other similar establishments in the Philippines.  Food serving time from the moment you ordered your food can take a while, most especially during peak times, but I never had wrong food served.


A visit to Glenn 50’s Diner is a must whenever you’re in the city of pines.  If you’re in Baguio City, have a huge appetite, looking for unique meal combos, and don’t want to spend much, then Glenn 50’s Diner is what you’re looking for!  They provide good tasting food in American-sized servings for every Filipino budget.  Highly recommended! 😀

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