Strawberry Chronicles: Impromptu Trip to Baguio! (Day Three)

Time flies so fast when you’re having fun.  It’s our third and final day in the cool and breezy city of pines, Baguio.  On our third and last day, the sun got shy and we were threatened by the rains!

Rizal Park in Baguio City

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On our last day in Baguio, we woke up to a very gloomy weather.  We were enjoying the sun for the past two days so Mother Nature probably decided to give us some “balance” and bless us with some drizzle.  It wasn’t much of an issue during breakfast because we were indoors, enjoying our last breakfast in the city.

Longganisa by Beans Talk
French toast by Beans Talk

I don’t know about you, but I really hate checking out at of hotels at noon.  Especially if you’re not planning to go home that soon!  But rules are rules, and so just after breakfast we packed our bags and enjoyed our last moments at our very nice hotel room.

Our stomachs were still not in the mood to work by lunchtime (probably because of our late breakfast or the gloomy weather, or both) so we were off to our last agenda for the day: the Lourdes Grotto.  This place was quite memorable for us because our transient home during our last visit to Baguio was nearby.  It’s only fitting that we pay our respects and ask for a safe trip back home.

To this day I still do not know how many flights of stairs there are to climb 🙂
Colorful candles
The image of the Virgin Mary
Poinsettias in bloom around the Grotto area

After climbing all that steps up and down, our appetites surely were back!  With so many possible food choices, we eventually winded up with our favorite Glenn 50’s Diner.  It’s a first for me to eat at the same place twice during a trip, but I’m not exactly complaining! 😀

So as to keep things interesting, we made a deal of eating something new.  And so for lunch we ended up with “Gangsta Gangsta,” one of their best sellers, and “Full House,” a relatively new item in their menu.  As always, the serving size is quite intimidating.

“Gangsta Gangsta”
“Full House”

We basically had reached our tourist spot quota during this trip but we still have one spot left on our day’s agenda.  This was this new place we found while walking near the Mansion called Extension Resto by Choco-late de Batirol.  As expected, we walked from Glenn 50’s Diner to this area, stopping by shortly at Baguio Botanical Garden.

Travel Tip: if you intend to walk around in Baguio City, better wear shoes.  I was wearing flip-flops all the time and the dirt that found its way to my foot really sticks and takes so much washing just to remove.  And that’s even after using the best soaps and facial wash I have!

Extension Resto has quite a short menu and as their complete name implies, serves batirol.  I’m not sure exactly where it originated but I think it’s a traditional Filipino way of serving chocolate drinks.  Regardless of its origin, batirol is one special drink that I only take during special occasions.  And on a cool, cloudy day like our last day in Baguio, a hot cup of batirol would be perfect.

I thought of trying their batirol with mint: it’s not bad but I don’t think I’ll have it anytime soon 🙂

Unfortunately though, our batirol cups were not as warm as I expected, or it just probably cooled down too quick because of the cool weather.  To summarize, I didn’t really enjoy it that much.  Oh well, maybe next time we can give it another try!

After finishing our cups of batirol, we were off to the bus station for a five to six hours trip back to Manila.  I wouldn’t know exactly how long our journey back took as I was alternately asleep and awake during the trip.  And after a long trip you just want to get a good long sleep at the comfort of your own bed.

Until next time, thank you Baguio!  I really had a great time! 😀

Our trip to Baguio may be spontaneous but it was a much needed getaway for me to recharge my psyche and boost my morale.  Nothing beats an unplanned trip that goes much better than anticipated!  I admit I relied on the internet on what the best places are to visit but in the end it was our feet that really lead the way!  It may have gone a bit overboard my “budget” but it was still worth it.  Three days of cool climate, fresh air, beautiful sceneries, delicious meals, and a lot of exercise—I can’t think of anything else to make it better!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo

* * *

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