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Cobra PDBF Team Bags Four Medals at the 11th IDBF World Championship

(Press Release) Fresh from the recently concluded 11th International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) World Dragon Boat Championship last July 24 to 28 in Hungary, the Cobra paddlers successfully bagged 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.

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More Than Water: It’s WaterPlus

The good folks from Zest-O, makers of WaterPlus, invited yours truly along with many sports and food bloggers for their Bloggers’ Night at Lu Restaurant, Rockwell for the launching of Andi Manzano’s billboard for WaterPlus Reduce, a variant of WaterPlus containing L-Carnitine and fiber.

WaterPlus’ new billboard

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Dare to be Fit ‘n Right: The Truth about Marathons

Being a blogger does have its benefits and one of it is being invited to product launches.  Last Friday night at Taste Asia in SM Mall of Asia bloggers of all sorts were gathered to the launch of Del Monte’s Fit ‘n Right, the juice drink with L-Carnitine, and also the fun run.

Bloggers were treated to sumptuous but calorie-filled food…

…no worries I’m a runner remember?

As runners we have an upper hand when it comes to burning calories because running, particularly long distance ones, burn a lot of calories as compared with other sports—it is cheaper and easier too!  Of course this doesn’t come as easy as it sounds as you have to do it regularly and the results aren’t instant.  Not many of us though are able to run for prolonged periods of time (or are too lazy to do it).  How much calories does running burn?

The Marathon

I recently completed first back-to-back marathon: QCIM and SIM, my second and third marathon, respectively, and based on my Garmin Forerunner 405’s data, I burned 2,146 calories during QCIM for a six-hour run and 2,512 during SIM for about four and a half-hour run.  That’s about 558 calories per hour and less than 10 calories per minute (based on the latter).  And depending upon the intensity it can burn as little as 40 calories per kilometer run (note: running is NOT brisk walking).  Of course these figures are based on my biometrics and would vary between individuals based on age, gender, weight, etc.  If you don’t believe me here are my per kilometer splits for QCIM and SIM (the last entry on the lists would of course be less than one kilometer thus the little calorie burned).  Isn’t it amazing how efficient our bodies are? At that rate, could you imagine how long you need to run to burn that 143kcal can of soda?

How to get FIT

Coach Jim Saret, MSAT, PES, SAQ, CAPT, Fitness Consultant of the Philippine Olympic Committee and RP Smart Gilas among others, presented to bloggers a brief sample of the Fast Intense Training (FIT) workout which is characterized by fast bursts of intensive exercise that enables one to burn at least 400 calories in a span of only four minutes, and continues to do so even after the workout.  What’s interesting about this workout was that it doesn’t require much space and equipment, oftentimes using only your body weight, and you don’t even have to do it in a gym!

Coach Jim Saret introducing FIT workout

Coach Saret demonstrates some of the routines of the FIT workout

Coach Saret also gave very useful FIT workout for us runners.  Volunteering for this demo was Rodel “The Argonaut.”

As you can see in the video the workout was intense but fast!  In fact the entire workout only lasted 90 seconds to complete!  Now there’s no excuse that you don’t have time or can’t run long.  And you don’t even have to go to the gym.

But Wait!  There’s More!

The FIT workout demonstrates that it is possible to burn calories in a short amount of time with seemingly less effort, but for those who would like to maximize their calorie-burning potential science may have the answer.  It is popularly known these days as L-Carnitine, but what is it?

According to Del Monte, L-Carnitine is a natural substance that is occurring in the body but can be supplemented for optimal health.   It transports the fatty acids into the mitochondria, the “cell’s powerhouse” where they are burned into energy needed for a healthy heart, important body functions and physical activities.  Supplementary L-Carnitine contributes to optimal fat oxidation, and along with a proper diet and regular exercise, promotes healthy body weight.  Together with B Vitamins 1, 6, and 12, it can optimize metabolization of carbohydrates, protein, and fat into energy.  Simply put it allows your workout to burn more calories than the usual.  Could you imagine combining it with running? If you can, Del Monte provides you a venue for just that.

The Fun Run

Del Monte Fit ‘n Right continues its commitment in promoting a healthy lifestyle with the Dare to be Fit ‘n Right culmination fun run on November 22, 2009 in SM Mall of Asia.  The 3K/5K/10K Men and Women Open will benefit the victims of typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng, among others, through the SM Foundation.  Here are some race updates.

For a registration fee of P300, runners can get their race packet with the Dare to Fit ‘n Right Fun Run singlet, race bib, Fit ‘n Right products, etc.  Interested participants can register at the following areas:

  • Dare to be Fit ‘n Right booths in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
  • CEMG Office – 3A Vernida I Bldg., 120 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
  • Selected SM Hypermarkets: Mall of Asia, Sucat, Pasig, and North EDSA

You may also register online via

Registration will be from October 21 to November 16, 2009.  After successful registration, tear off and keep the RUNNER’S COPY of the form.  You will find your Runner’s Copy with two (2) stubs: RAFFLE TICKET and Race Packet CLAIM STUB.  Race packets can be claimed from November 16-20, 2009 at Bonifacio High Street or at CEMG.  Those who registered after November 16, 2009 can claim their race packets on November 20, 2009 only at CEMG.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place runners from each division will win P10,000, P5,000 and P3,000, respectively.  All registered runners will also automatically qualify for the raffle, where they can win a Lenovo laptop.

With all these advancements with science it’s much easier to be fit and Del Monte is pointing those who need it to the right direction.  Now the question is, would you take the challenge and Dare to be Fit ‘n Right?


Dilemma at 21K: My RotaRun Story

Around 4:30AM we arrived in front of Chinese International School, the vicinity of the assembly area of the race.  According to the race packet the 21K would start at 5AM but according to online sources it would be at 5:30AM.  The latter turned out to be closer to the actual but the confusion made us arrive in the assembly area early.  Unfortunately many still had a late start because the race actually started 5:22AM—eight minutes before 5:30AM as stated in online sources.

Even at 5AM it was still very dark—Christmas season is indeed here.  It was not until a few minutes later that it became light enough to see the road.  5:30AM was indeed a good time to start sub-marathon races at this time of the year—any time earlier and we’d be running in the dark.  It also made me wonder about the forthcoming QCIM which could start at 4:30AM.

5:22AM the race finally started.  From our starting line behind the International School we made our way to Campus Drive before heading back to McKinley Road—it’s probably best that we had this difficult leg early in the race while our feet were still fresh.  After turning around near the British Embassy you see the long line of runners and have an idea on where your friends are placed.

It wasn’t hot that morning but it was very, very humid.  I didn’t realize this at first until I saw that I gulped down more than half of my 500mL sports drink so early in the race.  Thankfully there were ample supplies of water along the route (more often than not I used to pour over my head to cool me down) and some cold drinks from the sponsor (I think it was vitamin-ized water).  I love the fact that the drinks from the sponsor was cold but I was a bit concerned because it contained L-Carnitine—usually mixed with drinks and claims to help burn fat.  As if we won’t lose enough fat during our 21K ordeal.

5th Ave. I got an unexpected guest who paced with me.  I knew he was faster than me so I told him to go ahead anytime he felt like it.  It was his first 21K and I knew he could even break my 21K PR (he is a fellow member and is one of my DailyMile buddies so I have an idea how fast he is).   During this particular race I was not aiming for a new PR—I was doing this run as part of my training and assessment of my “raw” skill level—whether my relatively relaxed run would still lead to a sub-2 hour 21K.  All throughout the run I barred myself from looking at my current pace but I had to break that rule when he asked me what our pace (per kilometer) that time was—4:43.  That time I wished I could tell him that without me knowing it as well but that’s impossible and I didn’t want to be rude.  If there were some things I’ve learned about runners during races these were:

  • Many don’t wish to be disturbed (no talking, no socializing!)—they’re in their zone so don’t misinterpret it to be rude.  Plenty to time to socialize before and after the race.
  • Some don’t want to know how far it is to the finish—I feel positive knowing that I only have 1K to go to the finish while some hate to know that it is still 1K to go!
  • Some don’t want to know their current pace—knowing it brings forth some pressure.  Some would just like to relax and enjoy their run and be surprised on their finish time.

The latter would be my situation for this race, and since I found out I was running beyond my normal cruising speed I think that subliminally made me run slower.  Maybe next time I’ll put a tape over my GF405’s screen whenever I decided to run a relaxed race so I won’t know.

The loop cords that were given during the race were odd—too small to wear as a necklace, too lose as a bracelet!  I was afraid of losing one accidentally as I saw many of these lying around along the route so I placed it in my hydration belt.  There were five of these cords all along the 21K route and I virtually had to stop almost as many times just to secure it on my belt.  If I was aiming for a PR I would’ve been very angry.

By running the race loosely I was able to free myself of the time pressure.  Except for that time I knew of my current pace, I was running keeping my heart-rate low at a level where I consistently am able to breathe through my nose and at a speed I was comfortable.  Sometimes not knowing is better (as many GF users would attest).

RotaRun “21K” Route

RotaRun “21K” Route

Nearing McKinley Road I was hearing that we were just a few hundred meters to the finish.  At first I thought it was for everyone else but 21K since I knew it was too soon for 21K but when the signs directed us to McKinley Road I thought we’d still return to C5 before heading back.  When I saw the signs directing us towards the finish I asked a marshal if 21K also goes that way.  When it was confirmed I was really concerned that I may have skipped some routes of the race!  Did I really made some unintentional shortcuts?  Upon crossing the line I was asked if the distance for 21K was really short and that’s when I knew it really was.  Even without a Garmin I could tell that the 21K was way off the mark (I can feel it with the distance I ran and I can tell it with the time elapsed).  I crossed the 21K finish line with a gun-time of 1:34:36 (unofficial, self-timed)—had it been close to an actual 21K I would’ve been very proud.  Checking the GPS distance and compensating had it been an actual 21K I would’ve broken my old 21K PR (even at seven minutes per kilometer pace).

Another photo-op for gang

Another photo-op for gang, courtesy Carlo

Looking back at the race (from a 21K perspective) as a whole it was Good.  In fact the only issue I had with the race was the seriously short 21K (checkout my running logs to see the actual GPS distance).  While it was beneficial for PR purposes (Press Release) it does bring forth a dilemma.  That dilemma is: how do I log thee?  Indeed this was a “21K” race PR, but it was far from 21K.  Should my 21K PR retain itself since that was a valid 21K, or should I have a “21K Race” PR?

Special thanks to Marga for the “shuttle service,” Bong Y. for our “special arrangements,” and Carlo (Drum and Run) for the pictures.

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