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Photo Walk Rizal Park

It had been quite a while since I’ve been to one of the most refreshing spots in Manila, Rizal Park.  Like a lot of places in the Metro, it too had lots of recent developments, and here’s how it looked like as of August 2014.

Rizal Park was recently mentioned as one of Asia’s highest rated parks and green spaces

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Lunar Eclipse

One of the most interesting natural phenomena of nature is the eclipse, and all throughout my life I’ve never seen a full lunar eclipse.  Today was a great chance, but for some weird reason, the weather in Quezon City where I live never cooperates whenever something grandiose is happening in the sky.  I still find myself lucky though that the thick clouds that have been covering Metro Manila for several days now had some silver lining, and I was allowed a few seconds to peep through.

Lunar eclipse over Quezon City, 11:10PM December 10, 2011

* Full resolution crop of an 8MP picture taken with a Sony NEX 5N (1” 55mm f/5.6 ISO-3,200)

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