Photo Walk Rizal Park

It had been quite a while since I’ve been to one of the most refreshing spots in Manila, Rizal Park.  Like a lot of places in the Metro, it too had lots of recent developments, and here’s how it looked like as of August 2014.

Rizal Park was recently mentioned as one of Asia’s highest rated parks and green spaces

It was a Saturday afternoon, I’ve got nothing to do and a camera waiting for a long time to be used.  The sky was surprisingly clear and the sun slowly setting, a photo walk was in the making…

The relief map of the Philippines with the Luzviminda Boardwalk

The boardwalk traverses through the relief map for a closer view

I wonder if the terrain is scaled accurately

A unique calesa that traverse the park

What I do not get is why the statue of Lapu-Lapu in the park is bigger than that of Jose Rizal

One of the beautiful trees that line the park

What I love about Rizal Park: wide and open green spaces where you’re allowed to step on the grass and have a picnic or simply lie down and watch the clouds

The Flower Clock that sadly does not work

Rizal Park Open Air Auditorium

A shuttle that runs across the park

It was a day perfect for contrails

The Dancing Fountain at the Central Pool: best seen at night as it “dances” with light, music, and even fire!

The Independence Flagpole: the country’s tallest flagpole and is more massive than what the picture suggests

Together with the Jose Rizal National Monument

See how tall it is compared to people

The Jose Rizal National Monument with its new unsightly resident photo bomber

Just a little bit of history about the Jose Rizal National Monument

I think this is the idea on how to block the unsightly photo bomber behind the monument, but there aren’t any trees yet in place to specifically “hide” the blemish in the skyline

Here is the place where Dr. Jose Rizal became a martyr

Right across the Jose Rizal National Monument is a spot called Kilometer Zero (which is currently under repair) and this gateway to the Quirino Grandstand

I used to be very afraid of this statue when I was little because it looked like it would come to life any moment

Sunset behind the Quirino Grandstand: it was also a perfect day for flying kites

Don’t you just love it when you’re allowed to step on the grass?

The latest attraction in the area just behind the Grandstand…

The ticket booth and rates

Guide map to the Manila Ocean Park

The H2O Hotel right on Manila Bay

The skyline of Manila from the bay

Something old and new, the Luneta Hotel: I’m so glad that this old and historic building was saved from demolition and had found a place in today’s Manila

A closer view of the hotel

There are some changes that are good, there are some changes that are not so good (namely that eyesore behind Jose Rizal National Monument).  Generally speaking, Rizal Park remains to be a place worth visiting, and I hope it remains this way for generations to come.

* All photos taken with a SONY NEX 5N using SEL16F28 lens.

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