Running with “Walkers” at St. Peter Midnight Run

Halloween.  For the first time, I’m doing a Halloween race on a Halloween night itself.  And for the first time, I’ve attended a Halloween race where practically everyone is in costume.  It’s going to be a “thrilling” night.


Since my GF405 and I are no longer in good standing, it’s time for me to explore other options.  And I didn’t just found one—I found three at my disposal!

adiNation Philippines (Ortigas Group) Pilot Run

The adiNation of Runners (aNR) Philippines is a running club with a goal to provide members with value-added training and special privileges to train and motivate them to achieve new fitness levels.  Here in Metro Manila aNR is staged initially in four locations: Ayala, Alabang, Ortigas, and Bonifacio High Street.  This program co-presented by….

Yet Another Round of Road Trip: Ortigas – BHS via EDSA

Last night was supposedly my speed run session at Ultra, but the urge to meet my running buddies got the best of me and just decided to do an easy run.  I was also a bit concerned with my calves aching a little (most likely due to the cramps I got from swimming last Sunday)…

Night Run with an Instant EB

Runners could sometimes be too predictable—you’d have some idea where you may find them.  Sometimes too predictable that you need not send each other messages to meet—just go where your feet takes you and chances are they are also there.  That’s exactly what happened last night at BHS after my usual night run. The Night…

Night Run: Ortigas to BHS

It was another rainy run for me last night.  Like with my previous night run I had only a few hours to spare so I wasn’t able to be much more creative with my run last night.  At first I was a bit worried that the downpour might be too strong to run into but…