Night Run with an Instant EB

Runners could sometimes be too predictable—you’d have some idea where you may find them.  Sometimes too predictable that you need not send each other messages to meet—just go where your feet takes you and chances are they are also there.  That’s exactly what happened last night at BHS after my usual night run.

The Night Run: Ortigas to BHS

It was the typical night run for me, from Ortigas to BHS without any “side trips.”  I’m currently on my taper period so I avoid strenuous long runs so this would be my last (promise) run during this period until my next race which would be TNF100 on May 23, 2009.

My route
My route

The majority of the route spans C5, Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave. from Pasig City’s perspective.  Although I’ve passed this route several times before I still find it difficult to run in these areas because of sidewalk obstructions—it seemed like pedestrians aren’t allowed to walk alongside C5 in Pasig.  I hope the proper authorities do something about this.

Obstructions!  I think this sidewalk was made for this plant.
Obstructions! I think this sidewalk was made for this plant conveniently placed right in the middle.

I’m really starting to hate Carlos P. Garcia Ave.—that’s the name of C5 with Taguig City.  For the second time I stepped again on dirt, this time around on some wet and still soft concrete conveniently dumped on a side walk (or what looks like it) near one of those unsightly elevated U-turn slots.  It seems that the only developed part of Taguig City really is just Bonifacio Global City—a private property.  Elsewhere you go (at least along C5) you can’t even ask the city for a decent walking space, which is a basic right of the people.  The city can only give you a gutter as a side walk—it may be too much to ask for more.

It’s always a pleasure to run on Global City because of its well designed urban plan (that’s the advantage of being a private property).  Since I’m on a taper, from Market! Market! I quickly headed off towards Bonifacio High Street finishing just a few meters off ROX, total distance of 7.51K.

Instant EB

Mizuno Running Clinic is held every Thursday nights around BHS and some of my acquaintances are members of this clinic.  It was inevitable of course that I’d bump into them along with some of my friends doing their LSDs or night runs in the area as well.  The result is an instant “eye-ball” or meeting including old friends I haven’t seen in a while, and new ones.  I think to some extent runners think alike.  And what’s a good thing to do after running?  Eating!

While waiting for the others...
While waiting for the others...
いただきます! Time to eat!

It was very nice to see you guys last night, it surely beats the boredom of finishing your run, alone.

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  1. bong_z says:

    Bilis mag post ng pic ni denz! 🙂

    > Hehe… Nasa multiply ko yung compete set (konti lang pala hehe) 🙂


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