Night Run: Ortigas to BHS

It was another rainy run for me last night.  Like with my previous night run I had only a few hours to spare so I wasn’t able to be much more creative with my run last night.  At first I was a bit worried that the downpour might be too strong to run into but thankfully the rain stopped before I started my run, although there were slight drizzles along the way.  Because I started later than planned I decided to make a repeat of my previous night run but alter the route slightly: instead of following Julia Vargas Ave. to C5 I took a detour via Lanuza Ave. and instead of going to McKinley Hill I just followed Lawton Ave. until I completed a 10K course for that part of the route and headed back to BHS.

My night run: same destination as the previous one but via different route
My night run: same destination as the previous one but via (slightly) different route

Like I mentioned in my past post about night running there would be more potential dangers and rain would add more to this list.  Cautious as I was I still had some “accidents” along the way.  First along C5, about 5K into my run, my right foot fell onto one of the puddles of water near the elevated U-turn.  There was neither sidewalk nor any lights there so when a jeepney passed nearby I only have a gutter as space.  Unfortunately I lost my balance so I was running with a soaking wet right foot henceforth.  Then “disaster” struck again on Lawton Ave. on my way back to BHS.  Both my feet stepped on a huge water puddle!  I was running on the sidewalk when I noticed that it was water I’m about to step on, too late!  There wasn’t enough time for me to stop so my right foot went in first, and then my momentum carried me forward so my left foot was next.  I thought to myself that time, “now it’s even!”

I really enjoyed this run despite being wet all over (because of the drizzle and sweat).  I don’t think there was a dry spot on me last night but that run in the rain (make that drizzle) and at night made it more interesting.  After all I think only running addicts would dare do such things.

Total run length: 15.3K

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  1. prometheuscometh says:

    Careful with the puddles. Make sure you don’t have any open wounds in your foot as they could get infected.

    > Thanks Jay! It was good that those puddles were just made by the recent rain so it’s not as “dirty” as stagnant water, but I agree it’s very risky to get infections that’s why I immediately took a bath right after finishing the run. 🙂


  2. miraclecello says:

    I hope you’re using an all-weather headlamp, which serves two things — so you will see the potholes, and so motorists will see you and won’t accidentally run you over. I’d go for a basic Petzl Tikka, or even a Princeton Tec, available at most outdoor shops.

    > Hi Cecil! I’m actually on the search for a headlamp and a tail light for runs like these (and for trails) so until I have one I just have to be extra cautious. I agree that these gears improve your safety, thank you for mentioning these brands, I’ll look it up as well. 🙂


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