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My Extraordinary Weekend at Timberland Heights (Day 02)

I don’t know if I was just tired or my bed was really comfortable, but whatever it is I really didn’t want to get up!  But a big day awaits us for our second day of exploring.  Here’s the last day of our weekend in Timberland Heights.

View from our room at The Leaf

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My Extraordinary Weekend at Timberland Heights (Day 01)

The month of July closed on a very high note for me as I got to spend the last weekend of the month in one of the most picturesque and refreshing areas around Metro Manila—Timberland Heights.  It wasn’t my first time, but I discovered and experienced a lot of new things.  Here’s my chronicle of that extraordinary weekend.

Aerial view of Timberland Sports and Nature Club (Courtesy Timberland Heights)

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The ‘Extraordinary Life’ Awaits You at Timberland Heights

I’ve been to Timberland Heights countless times before but despite that I didn’t realize that there’s more to this vast area other than trails.  This was my realization after spending the weekend there, and there are just so many stories to share!  I haven’t had time to write about my weekend adventure just yet so I’m sharing with you some preview.


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My First Race of the Year: Waldorf Trail Run

After that long hiatus, I finally got back to running!  And gladly my first race for the year was on the trails of Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal via Waldorf Trail Run.

On our way to Timberland Heights

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Race Updates: Waldorf Trail Run at Timberland Heights

It’s just a few weekends before my first race of the year Waldorf Trail Run arrives.  Here are some race updates:

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Trail Preview: Waldorf Trail Run at Timberland Heights

Last December 08, 2012, Manila Waldorf School invited running bloggers and some members of the media to have a sneak peek of the trails that their forthcoming Waldorf Trail Run at Timberland Heights will be using.  Here are some shots from the 3K trails.

The view of Metro Manila from Timberland Sports and Nature Club

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Conquer your limits with Vaseline Men XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon Series

Vaseline Men, the fastest growing men’s skin care brand in the Philippines with a comprehensive range of products designed for men like facial wash, moisturizer, lotion and body wash and Sunrise Events, Inc., invite you to conquer your limits in the world’s premiere off-road triathlon event with the Vaseline Men XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon Series.  Consisting of three legs, Pang Rave Run, XTERRA Weekend and Putik Pare, each activity promises to deliver a challenging yet enjoyable experience for all hard core runners, athletes, sports enthusiasts and adventure-seekers.

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