My Extraordinary Weekend at Timberland Heights (Day 02)

I don’t know if I was just tired or my bed was really comfortable, but whatever it is I really didn’t want to get up!  But a big day awaits us for our second day of exploring.  Here’s the last day of our weekend in Timberland Heights.

View from our room at The Leaf

Our big day started with some good breakfast at the Magnolia Conference Room of Timberland Sports and Nature Club.  I could really get used to this!  Anyway, there were three different activities that each of us could do: mountain biking, harvesting fruits and vegetables at Adventure Farm, and riding 4×4 on the trails.  Those that weren’t that adventurous opted to do the harvesting at the Adventure Farm and those on the opposite end opted for biking.  I opted for something in between by picking the 4×4 ride.

This adventure was brought to us by these Nissan NP300 Navara 4×4 VL 7AT (Courtesy Timberland Heights)

Three top of the line Nissan Navaras greeted us as we went out of TSNC.  For some reason, the first group that boarded their Navara chose to ride at the back of the pickup so we all followed suit.  Well, I guess the trails are better experienced at the back of the pickup than on the inside!  And after some quick picture-taking, we were off…

Our group doing the 4×4 (Courtesy Timberland Heights)

Our first destination is at The Glades, one of the estates that we visited a day earlier.  Along the route I saw some familiar trails that we used to run into, but some of them are now paved!  I guess it had been quite a while since I last ran into the trails of Timberland Heights.

Does this trail look familiar?

And then an incident derailed everything: the leading Navara got stuck in the mud!  Since it rained the night before, the ground became so soft that it became soft mud.  Unfortunately, there was hardly any traction where the leading Navara got stuck so it didn’t budge despite having a four-wheel drive and even if the following pickup tried to pull it out!

Despite our best efforts, nature won 🙂

The sun gradually rose high as we wait for the leading Navara to be pulled out of the mud—to no avail!  That was when we decided to get in the pickup to experience its modern comfort.  Admittedly, I was impressed with the interiors and the generous space at the back, but the air conditioning was really the best part!

While waiting for anything to happen, I got a shot of the Navara’s dashboard

Eventually, we had to leave that Navara and head back to the Adventure Farm as we already lost so much time.  And since we were already inside, we were shown by our chauffeur the special features of the Navara as we drive out of The Glades.

For more information about the Nissan Navara, you may contact +63 942 388 3637 and look for Maki
(Courtesy Timberland Heights)
Looks like the bikers had a better luck than us 🙂 (Courtesy Timberland Heights)

Snacks greeted us as we arrived at the Adventure Farm.  This is the life!  This brief moment of relaxation gave us a chance to have some small talks to get to know a little about each other.

So many activities for all ages are in store in this farm
Having a break 🙂 (Courtesy Timberland Heights)
What’s inside the Adventure Farm
Our tour of the Adventure Farm began with the Fish Frenzy, a mini lagoon where kids can do fish feeding.
We also passed through the Tree Troop with its different types of trees and ferns
Followed by the Butterfly Buddies where different kinds of butterflies are bred
You can see all stages of a butterfly’s life here
Here we have the various crops of Crop Crescents
Pinakbet Garden of the Veggie Valley
An eggplant ready for harvesting
The greenhouse
The big poultry of Chicken Chums

The key to the Adventure Farm’s sustainability is vermiculture, the artificial cultivation of worms or worm farming.  The droppings from the chicken are harvested along with some other natural additives from coconuts (to prevent foul odors).  Then the worms (they use African night crawlers but the usual earthworms are just fine) are placed to make compost for use in the garden.

And finally after everyone is done with their harvest, we went back to The Farmhouse
(Courtesy Timberland Heights)
The Farmhouse is where you could also buy souvenir items (Courtesy Timberland Heights)

It was almost lunchtime when we finished our harvest.  We all went back to our rooms to freshen up before lunch, but there’s still one more thing that we could insert before lunch…

We won’t pass the chance to swim in TSNC’s pool!  Goofing around with Mars and Running Atom
(Courtesy Mars)

I just love TSNC’s pool!  It may not be Olympic size, but at six lanes of 30 meters length, it’s more than enough to get some nice laps.  It was a pretty warm day so the pool was pleasantly warm as well.  They even have a thermometer in the pool so you can tell the water temperature. Then it was time for lunch.  It was another feast that Timberland Heights prepared for us, even surpassing the excellent meals that we had throughout the weekend.  Arch. Noel Advincula gave us his final speech and wished for our safe trip back.  The weekend really went by so fast!

* * *

That weekend at Timberland Heights really was extraordinary.  I didn’t go so far from home yet I was so close to nature.  I got to see some really lovely and modern houses and at the same time picked organic vegetables.  I did the trails and was able to swim.  The beauty of nature and the comfort of modern living all in one place.  That is something you can’t find so easily, yet it all exist just a few minutes from Metro Manila.  That is what it’s like to be in Timberland Heights, and that weekend made me love this place even more.  I look forward to going back again, Timberland Heights!  Thank you very much for an extraordinary weekend! 😀

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