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Boracay Chronicles 2016: Belated Summer

It felt like forever since I last enjoyed the shores of Boracay and it’s about time to return!  I may have missed summer, but any time is a good time to be at one of the best beaches in the country.

Boracay Island seen from above

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Weekend at Puerto Galera

Summer will not be complete without at least one visit to the beach.  Boracay would be the obvious choice for many, but since all flights are fully booked (which means the little island would be crowded, which I hate), we didn’t bother dreaming of going there.  Instead, we decided to go to the much closer Puerto Galera.

White beach, Puerto Galera

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Boracay (Mis)Adventures: Caticlan, Kalibo, Clark (Part 3)

Last day in Boracay, time to get back to reality.  But between paradise and “real life” is a long commute—a very long commute in land, sea, and air!  Now that’s another adventure on its own!

Last chance to get souvenirs

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Boracay Adventures: Realization (Day 3)

Coming to the third day of our Boracay trip I realized something—three days are not enough! There’s just so many things you can do in this lovely island that three days are simply not enough.

Third day in Boracay, time to say goodbye (for now)

Our return flight to Manila takes us to the Kalibo International Airport about an hour and a half away from the island so we had no choice but to leave fairly early.  Travelling from Caticlan Port to Kalibo was my least favorite part of the travel as the long winding road was rough despite being paved, and it was in fact longer time-wise than our flight to Manila.  Good thing I brought along some sleep to help pass the time.

Kalibo International Airport

With so many things to do in so little time I was glad to be able to at least have a taste on why tourists flock this lovely island.  Aside from having one of the finest beaches in the world, Boracay is also one of the most tourist-friendly locations in the country.  The people are friendly, there are so many good food to choose from, and everyone’s bound to find something they’d like in the island.

Caving in Crystal Cove

Banana Boating

Personally I really loved all the activities we did particularly reef walking as for a short moment in time I was in another world—makes you feel like an astronaut (aside from looking like one!).  It was a truly different perspective seeing marine life go about from the sea floor.

Visitor from the above water world

Thank God for giving the Philippines a truly wonderful gift that is Boracay.  I hope that the island remains the same for a long time and for us tourist we too are part of the effort to maintain its natural beauty.  I’ve seen quite a handful of litter in some areas of the beach that obviously are due to man’s activity and can easily be avoided by simply throwing your trash in the right places.  I’ve never found a perfect place for me to run barefoot and I don’t want to lose it to trash.  And I sure hope that the island’s rapid development won’t sacrifice nature.

Boracay Skyline 🙂

Crystal Cove

Paraws of Boracay


Now that I saw the island I’m craving for more!  I promised myself that I’d be back soon to take “revenge” on some activities I wasn’t able to do.  Among these are parasailing, skimboarding, bar-hopping, touring via ATV, etc.  Of course next time around I’ll be sure to run White Beach edge to edge, barefoot of course.  I can’t wait to return to your shores, Boracay!

I ♥ Boracay


Boracay Adventures: Exploration (Day 2)

After our team-building activities on the morning of our second day (facilitated by Patio Pacific) we were again set for more adventures the island offers.  What’s the most typical sight you see on popular beaches?  Banana boats!

Because of the size of our group we used the bigger banana boat (photo by Lea Batino)

Believe it or not it was my first time to ride a banana boat because I wasn’t too much motivated before to ride one, and apparently it’s a great way to have to mini tour of the island.  You can see the island from different angles and distances, nice!  It was a good thing that groups are allowed to have a photographer on the speed boat that pulls the banana boat so we have some pictures to boast!

Enjoying the fine beach of Boracay

Since the banana boat only covered a small area of Tablas Strait (the body of water in front of White Beach) and not all of us were able to do so, we were off for a more “in depth” tour of Boracay.

The picturesque Crystal Cove

Inside cave 1

Entering Cave 2

Crystal clear waters

A day earlier we were viewing the underwater world from the sea floor with reef walking, this time around from the surface by snorkeling.  We were brought to this great snorkeling sight and how I wished I had an underwater camera to share the wonderful sights we saw.

Ice cream being sold in the middle of the sea! There was even another one that was selling coconuts. (Courtesy Patrick Oliveros)

Greeted by lots and lots of bats on our way back to Boracay (courtesy Patrick Oliveros)

Pit stop at Puka Shell Beach (courtesy Lea Batino)

As we were gradually moving back to Station 2 (making a complete loop of Boracay Island) we were presented with one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.  My camera unfortunately ran out of batteries so I can only sigh and marvel at nature’s beauty.

A beautiful day concluded upon us but of course being our last night in Boracay we didn’t let the night pass without exploring the night life (what happened in Boracay stays in Boracay :)).  I was glad that I was able to get running out of my system on our first day so the runner in me wasn’t as guilty with the pleasures the island offered.

What?! (A sign beside a pool)

Up next is our last day in Boracay together with some tips I learned with this memorable trip to paradise.

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Boracay Adventures: Last Dose of Summer (Day 1)

Before summer came to a close (at least for the Metro) I had a last dose of summer in none other than one of the world’s finest beaches—Boracay!  It had been a dream of mine to visit the island ever since I’ve heard of its legendary beaches and this summer I had a chance to realize that.  Of course I wasn’t alone with this trip to paradise as I was with the company of friends, old and new.  It was actually our  Team-Building.

My first time to fly via NAIA Terminal 3

Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, Caticlan, Malay, Aklan

I managed to infect our team with the “banner-syndrome:” picture is where the banner is! (Designed by yours truly, my first to be printed after quite some time) Photo courtesy Patrick Oliveros

Boats like this brings tourists to the island

After settling in our hotel room I was still in disbelief that I finally arrived in Boracay!  To snap out of it was to take that first glance with the beach.

First shot of the beach

Panorama of Station 2, a portion of White Beach (click to zoom)

That afternoon we finally agreed to do one of the many things Boracay offers: Reef Walking.  This one is perfect for everyone, including those who don’t swim, to be one with the creatures of the sea.  It is done by wearing a helmet with air being pumped into it so you can breathe as you do on land.  Each helmet weighs 35 kilograms (which weighs a mere 3 kg in water) allowing you to sink to the ocean floor so you can walk around.  Of course you’re supposed to step only on clear areas and not on corals.  Seeing the underwater world in a unique perspective was really astounding and interacting with the not-so-shy fishes was unforgettable.

The Reef Walkers (some of us were still underwater)

That’s me feeding the fish

After an exhilarating experience we were back on the white shores of Boracay.  Since it was my first time on the island I was surprised how far back the sea ebbs in the afternoon during low tide.  It was like an entire highway appeared on what was earlier property of the sea.

Look at how much new real estate appears during low tide

Sand castles in Boracay (built from scratch daily) also serve as calendar

After sipping on the famous shakes of Jonah’s and eating barbecue on the beach there’s not much else to do but walk around the heavenly beach and take some dips.  As I walk around and saw Willy’s Rock an idea suddenly popped into my head—run!

Willy’s Rock

Since TNF100 I’ve had not a single decent run, always painful due to my long withstanding knee injury.  Being a runner you can’t take away that urge to do so and at that moment I just knew I had to do it.  I was concerned that I may not have another time to do so due to our activities so I decided to do it.  It was quite timely that there was a Grotto on Willy’s Rock (where I decided to start my run) so I took that as a sign that I have blessing to do so.

I initially planned to do just a short run, 1.5K out and back for a 3K afternoon.  But the thing is, I’m in Boracay!  I was running barefoot with absolutely no pain and enjoying myself very much so I just kept pushing my target forward until I reached the end of White Beach, about 3K out from where I started.

Since my decision to run was spontaneous I was wearing my board shorts during my run—bad move!  Board shorts really aren’t meant for moving legs so by the time I was at the end of the beach my inner thighs had very, very bad burns due to chaffing.  I only had my board shorts and GF405 on me then so even if I wanted to do something about it I was helpless and just rested for a while.  I didn’t even have a single sip of water!

The sun was slowly setting while I was running back to Willy’s Rock.  I’ve never had this much fun running barefoot and except for the burns on both my inner thighs everything was excellent!  I was able to finish more than 6K pain free—my longest recently.  And I couldn’t have arrived in a much better time at Willy’s Rock as my friends were there, queuing in line to have pictures taken on the Grotto.

Arriving at Willy’s Rock (courtesy Patrick Oliveros)

Still sweaty but always ready for pictures (courtesy Patrick Oliveros)

That’s basically the highlights of our first day in Boracay.  We still have two more days, and that’s coming up next.

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