Men’s Health Urbanathlon Race Kit

I recently got my Urbanathlon Kit and I was surprised that it came with more than the usual shirt and race number, it actually had some goodies in them:

Urbanathlon Race Kit
Urbanathlon Race Kit (Men’s Health magazine sold separately)

Aside from the typical flyers from the sponsors what really surprised me was the included Alaska Slim and Snickers!  Of course the kit has the usual shirt and race number, not to mention that it is all packed in a loot bag.

Featured above is the November issue of Men’s Health magazine, bring a copy when you register to have a P50 discount on your registration.  October issue is also accepted.

Urbanathlon loot bag
Urbanathlon loot bag

The “race” will be held on November 16 within the UP grounds.  For the particulars of the race visit the event’s website at

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