Free Running Clinics

These are good times to start running, not only that we have a lot of good races, we also have a lot of free training clinics:

Free Nike Running Clinic

This is a bit overdue, but there are still a few more slots open:

Free training for runners
Free training for runners

From the Nike Running Site:

This training clinic is open to all runners who are ready to commit to finishing the 16-week program. Amateur runners, athletes, sports buffs, health-conscious individuals, people who simply want to run more, and those who generally enjoy running are welcome to attend the sessions.

To join, all you need to do is register online and book a schedule online. The entire 16-week program is posted online. Every week, there will be a couple of on-ground sessions where you will meet Coach Rio dela Cruz and other training clinic participants. There will also be some rest days and days when you are given assignments to complete on your own. To get started, book at least one (1) on-ground session online, and you’re all set! Remember that booking is on a first come, first served basis.

If you are committed to doing the entire 16-week program, it is advisable to book all 32 sessions beforehand. As a registered participant, you can access this training modules and complete it on your own, at your own time.

If there is a session that you would like to book but find that it is already full, you will be sent a notification email in case a slot frees up for that session. And if you have previously booked a session but realize you are not available to attend it, you can cancel your booking online to give other participants a chance to attend the session.

At the end of the program, Nike will also award the best runner with a complete Nike Running gear.

Registration has already started and the orientation, “Run Clinic and Introduction to the Training Program” is set on November 14, 2008, 7:00 PM at Brent Gym, Ultra, Pasig.  As of press time there are still 276 open slots so if you’re interested signup now.  Again, the Nike running website is

Team Bald Runner FREE Speed Training For “Hardcores”

From BaldRunner and Team Bald Runner:

Team Bald Runner is inviting runners who have been training/running continuously for one year for a “free and personalized” speed training lectures and speed workouts at the ULTRA Oval Track every 5:30-7:00 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  This is open to everybody, male and female, who are in competitive running and would like to improve their PR Best times in every road race.  This training will start on 18 November 2008.

Captain Ferdie Espejo Jr. and Coach Saturnino Salazar, both Level 4 IAAF trained-coaches, will conduct the said training and to be assisted by members of Team Bald Runner.

Runners are advised to prepare P29.00 for payment to Philsports/ULTRA for the use of the Oval Track.

Imagine having coaches of these caliber to teach you, at virtually no cost but your time and effort.  There’s no mention of registration so I guess you (I mean, WE) just have to go there and join.

I guess Ultra will be part of my “Favorite Places” list.  Hope you get to join some of these clinics, and if you want to share some more to the running community feel free to contact me.  Run Well!

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  1. joanne macalatan says:

    hi! i would like to ask if the free running clinic still accepts participants in the remaining weeks. thank you!

    > Yes, the Clinic is still open to new participants. Just register on the site, book a schedule, and attend the session. It’s better to start during Tuesdays at Ultra since it’s a more controlled environment rather than Fridays at BHS. Afterwards you may join both Clinic days. The Clinic may be extended, just watch out for the official announcement. 🙂


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