November Recap

November has been a very good month for running, there were quite a lot of good races, even back-to-back ones, and on various locations.  This was my birth month so it’s very special for me.

My highlights for this month:

  • Best race finish: 22nd out of 271, current standing PR (as of press time) for 5K (self-timed) and 10K (official time) in VSO Bahaginan Race (November 09), and what I consider my “birthday race”
  • First running clinic courtesy of Nike Philippines (started November 14)
  • First urban outdoor challenge: Men’s Health Urbanathlon (November 16), which was also my first “run” outside Bonifacio Global City, a course distance of at least 9K
  • First back-to-back race: Race for Life (November 22) and Unicef Walk on the Child’s Side (November 23), totalling 15K for both races
  • First race with a full marathon: 32nd National Milo Marathon (November 30), ran the 10K course
  • Race distance of at least 44K (Urbanathlon included)

Time really run fast when you’re having fun, I didn’t know that this month would be this packed.  Several races were happening simultaneously all over so it was one of those months where you just have to pick one and just drop the others.  I didn’t even expect to finish five (5) races this month, an all time high for my monthly race count.

I hope that you enjoyed November as much as I did.  There were good runs, and there were bad so it was quite an interesting bunch.

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