Injury: A Runner’s Nightmare

An injury, regardless of its severity, and as long as it prevents you from running—is a runner’s nightmare.

For the first time I got injured in a race, and it’s not even because of exerting too much effort nor problems with the way I ran: it’s primarily because of “evasive running,” that is running while trying to avoid “human obstacles.”  This happened during the previous Milo Marathon where you have to be always aware of what others were doing because some suddenly stop in front of you, some abruptly changes direction to cross path in front of you, and some were just simply playing.  Imagine doing that for the first 2.5K. The last few meters were just crazy: it’s virtually impossible to run straight because of the volume of people running their own path.  These sudden stops and lateral movements take their toll on your ankles and knees (so I felt that I went on a basketball game instead of a run).

“The spirit is strong but the flesh (in this case, the ankles and knees) is weak.”

Although it’s not that bad, it’s enough to stop me from running, which I really hate.  I was supposed to be with the Nike Run Clinic session at the Ultra last night but I was advised by my friends to just take a rest.  I was still in denial the entire day—I even wore my running shoes at the office and brought my running clothes, but eventually I have to listen to my body and accept the fact that I can’t run.  Don’t you just hate it that every part of you wants so badly to run but the few other parts that resist you prevail?

I missed the Run Clinic. The good thing about the Run Clinic session earlier (Session 05) was that it was identical to last Tuesday’s so if you check my blog for that you have an idea what happened.  It’s just too bad I wasn’t able to join my classmates in doing the laps and other activities (and they even had picture-taking, huhu).  Just when I was able to arrive early!

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  1. mitch says:

    that’s right! rest!!!

    haha. nagsalita ang hindi injured. XD


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