Goal: 100K, Done!

100K race distance: Finished!

Finally, after almost four months I was able to achieve my first 100K of cumulative race distance.  Goal achieved! This was during the UP ICTUS Centennial Run yesterday, one of the most difficult races I had to take, not because of the course, but because on my injury (still).  Yesterday’s run was just three days short of the fourth month since I started running, and it would be my last for 2008.  Now that the first 100K is done, I look forward to the next 100K, and of course the first 1,000K.  I’m not really in a hurry: just taking it a step at a time, a race at a time, I’d eventually get there—whenever that may be.  What’s important is to run safe, have less injuries (learned the hard way), and have fun along the way.  You may be the fastest person on earth but if you’re injured, it’s bye bye race time—better safe than sorry!

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