Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner, the season of gift-giving and sharing; and of course receiving gifts especially unexpected ones are really pleasing.  Who wouldn’t want to receive gifts this season?  If you were to ask me what I want for Christmas here’s my wish list:

Garmin Forerunner® 405
Number one in my wish list, this is also one of the most expensive one and one of my most needed and wanted.  I need this to measure accurately the distance I cover during my training and practice runs outdoors, and I want this because having one makes you feel and look like a pro.  If you start seeing satellite maps of my runs on my blog site you’ll know I had this wish fulfilled.

A pair of alternate running shoes, training shoes, and trail-running shoes to be precise.  These are also on my “need” list but I can’t exactly get it all at once (even if I wanted to).  The most needed one would be the trail shoes due to an upcoming trail run this January.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
I’m not discontented with my current phone (Nokia 6120 classic) but I sure would like to experience those touch screen-based phones, and I really need its Wi-Fi capabilities to reduce the need to bring along my laptop.  Plus it really looks cool.

Stands for Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer, this item reveal the geek in me and my interests in gadgets.  My current one, an Asus Eee PC 701 is defective (and even under warranty, after sales support are a nightmare so I don’t see this being resolved) and my demands are starting to surpass its capabilities so I could really use an upgrade.

Nike Pro Gears
I just love those Nike Pro items, namely those compression shorts.  It’s Nike and it’s “pro,” what’s not to love?

Run Long Socks
I have good running socks but I don’t have a pair yet for long distance runs.  Definitely a must before my half-marathon next year.

“Real” Running Shorts
I don’t have a problem using my football shorts for running but it can get a bit hot during long distance races.  Naturally I’d prefer the longer ones, probably even consider tights, over the really short ones.

A Digital SLR Camera
A digital camera in general was one of the first items I wanted to buy after graduating from college and a few years hence I still haven’t satisfied this one, perhaps because it was more of a hobby than a need (my mobile phone’s camera fulfills the need, although falls short that of desired).  Although my “want” for this has changed from point-and-shoot to entry-level SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) cameras, running has definitely taken much of the limelight away from photography, although I’d like to pursue this in the near future.  Any digital camera now would definitely give this hobby a much needed boost!

Of course my wish list isn’t all about material things; my more important wishes are good health for my family and myself, more blessings, and of course, world peace!  (I am serious about the last one however clichéd it may have been)

Let us not forget what this season is all about, and it’s not about a fat guy in Red suit: it’s all about giving.  After all this season was made for us to remember the birth of His Ultimate Gift to mankind—that’s the Christ in Christmas.

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  1. jinoe says:

    Bakit biglang may DSLR dyan? DAdalhin mo rin ba yan sa mga takbo mo? 😀 Great list. Almost same as mine except for some of the brands. Haaay…

    > hehe matagal nang pending yang pangarap na SLR na yan e hehehe… puro Nike lang yung nakalagay dyan yan kasi ang madaling hanapan ng pictures hehe 🙂


  2. i2runner says:

    Just buy the GF405, and make sure you buy the one with HRM.
    The rest won’t make you a better runner.

    > I promised myself I’m going to buy one if my training to the US ensues. 🙂


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