New Year, New Races

Happy New Year! 2009 is here!  It’s a great time to plan your races since the first ones don’t come until the start of the third week of January.  I’m quite excited for this year, particularly this first quarter because of two special races:

The North Face Thrill of the Trail (January 18, 2009)
This would be my first race outside Metro Manila and my first trail run.  I don’t know what to expect although I’ve had a few tips from fellow runners who’ve done such.  I am excited about this race and at the same time anxious because of parking incidents that happen during these races especially those held outside the Metro.  Hopefully TNF, being a well-respected brand, brings us a quality, secure, and worry-free race for all of us and our belongings.

TNF Thrill of the Trail Poster
TNF Thrill of the Trail Poster

Condura Race on Skyway (March 22, 2009)
This is one rare opportunity to run on the Skyway so I really am looking forward to this race.  The 21K route, as far as I know, is the only course of the race that includes this feat so it’s a great motivation to those aspiring to run their first half marathon like myself.  I originally planned my first half marathon later this year but because of this exceptional chance I would definitely do it on this race!

What about February?
I was a bit disappointed that not much activity is scheduled (yet) for February.  Earlier there were a few interesting races announced for February but one by one it was moved on a later date.  Hopefully there’d be new races to be held during this love month.

Beyond first quarter
Since I’m not preparing for a full marathon yet it’s still too early for me to seriously plan my races beyond the first quarter.  I’ve had my list of announced races for the year since December of last year and I’ve had to update it several times not because of new races being announced but because the schedules of announced races kept “running”—whether it’s a fun run or a full marathon (including the major international ones).  Hopefully in the future we’d have “fixed” schedules for races so we could all plan ahead, especially for long races (42K and up).  I was able to put in my “want-to-do-but-optional” list to “join Singapore (half) marathon” last December because I knew that it was held regularly during the first week of December—this was the convenience of having planned schedules I sure would like us to achieve.

As of now my master plan is simple—just continue what I started: join all weekend races whenever I can.  It’s quite rare to have longer than 10K races so you don’t really need much preparation for it if you run that distance regularly.  And since there are a lot of “empty” weekends these are good opportunities to practice on your own.  Just be cautious on where you run. Personally I would recommend running on a treadmill (for convenience), or if you find it boring or you simply want “the real thing” (like myself) I highly recommend the track of Ultra, Pasig.  You may also want to check track and field stadiums near you.

Have a great, injury-free, and safe year everyone!

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  1. Joprotus says:

    Denz, sasama ba tayo sa Nasugbu trail run? 🙂

    > We registered last year, this race is basically by invitation only–limited to about 100 participants only. I’m doubtful that there are still available slots, but you may try asking TNF stores or ROX if they still have any. I could suggest PSE Bull Run 2009: Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya on the same date to substitute. Happy New Year!


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