Race Update: The North Face Thrill of the Trail

The first trail running event of the year is almost here, and since it’s not like most urban races here are some pointers about this race that may help first time trail runners like myself:

Footwear: wear the right shoes for the right occasion.  Trail running shoes are different from your normal running shoes so be sure that you wear the right pair.  Make sure to condition yourself to accepting that your shoes will get dirty!

Accommodations: since the event is held quite some distance from Manila you may want to consider lodging nearby.  TNF was kind enough to ask a nearby Golf resort to provide preferred rates and privileges to the event participants (limited slots) and I think it’s a good option to consider.  Of course you may always simply travel to the site early for the race.  Don’t forget to be wary of those parking incidents.

Trail route: according to TNF the 10K loop used in the previous The North Face 100 will be used again for this event.  I wasn’t joining events like these then so for those “first timers” like myself, the said 10K route started and finished at Evercrest, went around the surrounding farmlands, and passed Calleruega Church on the way back (source: TNF 100 FAQs).

Support Stations: it is safe to assume that drinking provisions would be limited so it’s good idea to be prepared, i.e., bring along your own hydration belts/packs.  TNF assumes that runners would be “self-sustained.”

Mandatory Gears: none was mentioned for this event (although you may want to bring along your hydration belts/packs) but according to TNF, “only runners wearing The North Face gear (at least 1 item) will qualify for race prizes.  Promotional shirts/singlets do not count.”  I don’t think it’s fair since all participants would be charged an entry fee (which hasn’t been collected as of press time).

Trail Running 101: according to TNF, they “will be conducting a trail running clinic prior to the event to provide everyone with useful tips and insights…” the date of which is yet to be announced.

There are still a lot of details that have not been provided as of press time, and I hope TNF finalizes these soon so that participants (especially first timers) could start their preparation early.  Until then all we can do is wait for the next race updates.

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