RunningPinoy’s MRT Tour Wins Y-Trip DIY Tour Competition: Last Night at R.O.X.

Most of those who were in R.O.X. last night probably didn’t realize that there were two simultaneous sessions that happened: Running Aid 2009 (Part 1) by the Pinoy Ultra Runners held at the ground floor, and Backpacking Pilipinas 5: The Beach in You by Youth Trip Philippines (YTRiP) held at the Core Room (3rd floor).

Undoubtedly the most attended session of the Running Aid series was held last night.  The topics covered How to train: The structured program by Dr. Paolo Punsalan, Pinoy Ultra Runners’ Orthopedic Doctor; and Core Training for Runners by husband and wife team of Al and Joie “Ligaya” Viado, Pinoy Ultra Runners’ Fitness Instructors.  Indeed this was one of the most interesting and informative session of the series, especially the actual demonstration of the core routines.

Two stories above was the fifth installment of Backpacking Pilipinas.  This talk was a summer special entitled The Beach in You which also tackled responsible travelling (or backpacking) and how we could lessen our impact on nature, particularly on coastal ecosystems.  This session truly was an eye-opener since most of us don’t really realize how much impact we have on the environment.

A few months ago Youth Trip Philippines (YTRiP) held a Do-It-Yourself tour itinerary competition which was all about alternative means of touring.  Fortunately my first EDSA LSD (North Ave. to Mall of Asia) got picked as one of two winners.  The prizes: a JanSport backpack, a copy of the premiere issue of Roam magazine, a gift certificate from Rafa’s Deli+Café, free entrance to the Metropolitan Museum (at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex), and another free tour I’ve yet confirmed.  Aren’t the best things in life free?

A scene from my EDSA LSD.

Truly it was a jam-packed night for me at R.O.X. last night.  There were a lot of things I wasn’t able to do because the Backpacking session and awarding ended late (store closing time late) but it was a very educational and eye-opening night overall.  Thank you to Pinoy Ultra Runners for having a great event for us runners and thank you as well to YTRiP for a very interesting eye-opener and for my prize!  Special thanks also to all the sponsors that made these events possible.

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  1. ricov says:

    Hey Dennis, double booking ka pala that night…Congrats on your award…Yeah, that was a cool trip – well-documented pa with photos! Yeba!

    > Thanks Rico! Kaya di ako nakasama mag LSD nun e hehe 🙂


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