Provincial Tour: Milo Marathon Eliminations San Pablo

Last Sunday the San Pablo leg of the Milo Marathon Eliminations was staged and of course I together with a couple of friends from was there to lend our support and of course see the City of San Pablo.

The eliminations had 3K, 5K, 10K, and 21K races with the latter serving as 42K qualifiers for the Manila Finals.  Cutoff times to qualify for the finals were 1:15:00 (men) and 1:35:00 (women).

10K Perspective

It was another 10K race for me.  What’s good with Milo Marathon was the professionalism it maintained even on provincial races.  The 21K started a few seconds before 5:30AM and the 10K also a few seconds before 6:00AM.  Naturally the number of participants was significantly less in number than those in Metro Manila but the 3K and 5K was well attended by school delegates, although still less by Milo Manila standards.

At the runner’s coral before the start of the 10K leg with Carina, McCoy, and Mark.

Milo San Pablo was unique by having a different Start and Finish lines, although just a few meters away.

The Start line.
The government building of the City of San Pablo was the finish line for this Milo leg, just a few meters away from the Start line.
The start of the 10K race.
The road was flooded green with 3K and 5K runners.

The 10K route was virtually straight but it was anything but easy—it was one of the toughest courses I’ve had with a lot of very long uphills and downhills that makes McKinley Hill a walk in the park.  The 21K was even worse and as a testament there was no female runner making the 1:35:00 qualifying time.  The GPS/aerial distance was very accurate (based on GF405 data) for the 10K so the actual ground distance may actually be much longer.

The 10K route of Milo Marathon Eliminations San Pablo
The 10K route of Milo Marathon Eliminations San Pablo

The first ¾ route of the race was excellent since the number of runners was much less but like any Milo race it becomes very crowded once you reach the 5K turnaround (last 2.5K) where you clash with the majority of the runners—make that walkers.  Since the road was quite narrow running through the crowd was very tricky and keeping a good pace was difficult.  I even had to make a full stop during the race when I ran out of room to run when the convoy of the leader of 21K caught up with me during the last few hundred meters of the course.

Me (right) making my way through the sea of runners towards an almost PR 10K finish.

Finally after 48:58 (unofficial, gun-time, self-timed) I finished my Milo San Pablo 10K race.  The finish line was flooded with 3K and 5K runners and it was on a steep uphill after a 90-degree left turn so it really was a time-breaking course.  Although I didn’t finish anywhere near a podium finish I’m proud to have another sub-50 (minutes) 10K race especially on such a tough course. at Milo Marathon San Pablo Finish line.

For some of my friends their time wasn’t just good enough—it was good enough to place!  Congratulations to Roselle (Running Diva) and Carina for both placing 8th in 21K and 10K categories respectively.  Congratulations as well to Cindy for finishing her first 21K!

I’m seeing green and it’s not Milo—it’s envy!
Carina (8th place, 10K), Cindy (21K debutante), and Roselle (8th place, 21K).
Not a podium-finish but a podium picture!

If I was to give my evaluation for this race I would give it a Very Good remark.  I had so much fun with this race that I’m considering running another Milo Marathon leg in the province again in the future.  Thank you Milo for bringing the sport to the provinces and congratulations for a very well executed event!

Special thanks to Pepsi for the pictures of the race

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  1. Running Diva says:

    Very good recap of the experience Dhenz. I enjoyed reading your post. Pretty nice photos of you and Marky too holding the banner behind us girls. 😀 Just too bad you guys weren’t there during the awarding ceremony where all of us top finisheres raised our medals. But anyhow your time was really good. You’ll have your podium finish soon. Carry on!


  2. Idol Dennis, sub 50! wohoooo! You da man! 🙂 🙂 Sana ako na next! Sana pagpalain ni Lord 🙂 Great recap man, congrats terrific job out there!


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