RP’s Shoe Designs

Remember my ancient post on mi adidas?  For the longest time I can only imagine myself designing a shoe of my own and by chance I happen to drop by mi adidas’ site.  To my pleasant surprise I found that the site now allows us to customize a variety of shoe designs as base for our shoe design!  After a few minutes of goofing around I made my own shoe design, inspired by the Philippine flag of course:

The design is based on mi adiZero Ace 2.  I sure would love to put the Philippine flag in place of the adidas logo but it’s not an option yet.  Here’s another one I made based on mi Supernova Sequence 2:

Of course you’re not limited to running shoes as more options for different sports are now available.  You have the option of ordering it online (if you’re US-based) or click “Print” to have your customization details saved as reference for local mi adidas stores.  You may want to save your customizations to your mi adidas account for future reference.

Later I discovered NIKEiD, similar to mi adidas site, only better in terms of ease of use.  Here’s my creation based on NikeFree 5.0 v4:

What’s nice about NIKEiD is that you can customize not only shoes but other gears as well. Like with mi adidas you can order your creation online, but alas, I can’t have it delivered to the Philippines.

It’s nice to create your own gear design but its better to actually wore and use them.  Too bad I was ready to purchase my NikeFree pair (along with some items I designed) but was stopped during delivery details.  As per mi adidas Supernova design, we’ll see. 🙂

Anyone want to purchase my shoe designs?

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