Bodivance™ Thermogenic Accelerator

Too much techy terms, I know, so let’s break this down a bit.  Thermogenesis is the process by which heat energy is produced by the body through metabolism such as exercise and other physical activity.  A thermogenic accelerator speeds up this this process allowing the body to utilize stored calories more rapidly.  In short, shorter warm-ups.  So what?

Thermogenic action

Having shorter warm-ups allows you to save your energy for your workout or any activities you may have.  Many runners like myself are often guilty of not having enough warm-up before their run because it takes time and admittedly, tiring, so if there’s anything that could shorten it, that would be beneficial.

A few weeks ago I was invited to the soft launching of Bodivance™, a thermogenic accelerator in the form of a cream, applied like your regular lotion.  I’d admit I didn’t know anything about such products until that time, and keeping an open mind I checked to see what it was all about.

I wish I could do those moves 🙂

A special capoeira performance was given to the audience where some performers had Bodivance™ on one side of their bodies, and with the use of a special thermal camera, we were shown how much warmer the side with Bodivance™ was.

After-effects of Bodivance™ seen on-screen with a thermal camera

Then models were called and Bodivance™ was applied on one side of their body, and was asked to do various routines, the warm-up routines you tend to do in the gym.

Models were prepared for application of Bodivance™
...before they started their routines

After a while naturally the models sweat but the side with Bodivance™ was noticeably sweating more, a lot more in fact, and the thermal camera gave some more concrete evidence that it’s not just external but the actual muscles themselves were warm, warmer than the side without Bodivance™.

A special thermal camera shows the muscle temperature of the models
Notice the model’s left side (with Bodivance™, in yellow and green on screen) is much warmer than the right side

At that point I was already convinced that Bodivance™ works as it claims, but testimonials from experts Prof. Hercules Callanta and Dr. Mario Ramirez highlighted more the significance of the product.  Of course seeing isn’t the same as believing, or in this case, convincing, so I decided to give the product a try.


Right after the launch I headed straight to the gym and gave the product a try.  The first thing I noticed was how good its scent is, it smells fresh.  I placed some on one side of my abdominals and forearms, and did my routines as usual.  It was pretty tough to judge with my abs as my shirt tend to absorb or wick away my sweat, but there’s no denying that my arm with Bodivance™ was sweating much more!  The side with Bodivance™ was already forming beads of sweat while the other side was just starting to sweat.  There was no difference though when it comes to perceived heat so you need not worry that you’d feel hotter than the usual when you apply it all over.  And even after all that sweat I can tell that the product was still there as I can still smell it!  (And even just for this aspect I think it’s a good buy.  Imagine smelling fresh after a two-hour workout, or after a marathon?)

My last sachet 😦

Apparently I signed up on the wrong sheet during the launch so I only had three sachets of Bodivance™ for testing (unlike my counterparts who had a bottle good for about a month’s use) so I cannot conclude on how much the product would improve your workout with constant use.  One thing is for sure though, applying it does make that area warm-up faster, and how that translates to actual results is out of my reach.

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  1. -=cuteberl=- says:

    this was a great post..


  2. dai says:

    hey. thanks for this really good review of our product. good to know that more and more people are starting to believe in Bodivance ^_^


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