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Bodivance Contest Winner

I just want to congratulate Jefi Ferrer for winning our “Bodivance Why I Love Sports” Contest.  Here’s Jefi with her prizes from Bodivance / HDI Network.

To everyone who joined the contest, thank you very much and I hope for your support with more contests in the future!  Run safe everyone!



I don’t have much time to share my thoughts, but I just have enough to spare and take the opportunity to thank some friends for their support and generosity:

Nature Valley

Thank you for the duffel bag and the goodies in it!

This token’s history goes way back during the TNF Thrill of the Trail in Bohol when I used a Nature Valley knapsack in the trails, but unfortunately it got torn midway into the route.  This bag serves as its replacement.


Thank you for the new pair!

This is the latest addition to my running gears (which I’ll be posting a review soon) which I luckily won from the raffle during its launch.  Isn’t it a pretty?


Thank you for the shirt, bag, more Bodivance, and of course for including me in your team!

This is part of the Bodivance contest that we had a while ago, taken at HDI Network’s office.  (Thank you Marcia for this picture!)


Thank you for the cap!

I actually forgot about this until it arrived today in the office.  This is part of adidas’ giveaway from the launch of adidas King of the Road and also the new all24.

Again, thank you all very much!


“Bodivance Why I Love Sports” Contest Winner

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who participated in our “Bodivance Why I Love Sports” Contest.  I would also like to thank Bodivance / HDI Network Philippines, Inc. for entrusting this contest to this site.

And the winner is…

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It ain’t over till the fat lady sings (in a few hours)

Update: This contest has ended.

We are down to the last few hours of our “Bodivance Why I Love Sports” Contest, and if you haven’t done so already, here’s your last chance to join!  Contest ends midnight tonight.

Prizes at stake

To all participants, thank you very much for joining, and good luck!


Three Days and Counting

We’re now down to the last three days (and counting down) of our “Bodivance Why I Love Sports” Contest so if haven’t done so already, post your answers to the question what sports you like and why you like it.  An 80mL Bodivance bottle, shirt, and a sports bag is at stake.  To those who had already sent their answers, thank you and good luck! 😀

Prizes at stake


“Is There No One Else?”

Update: This contest has ended.

“Is there no one else?”  This line is made popular by the 2004 epic war movie, Troy, starring Brad Pitt as Achilles.

Well this is just a reminder that we are entering the last few days of our Bodivance contest.  For those who have submitted their entries, THANK YOU!  You’re the brave ones who heeded to the call!  (I guess this answers the prayer of “some” of you to have as little competition as possible :D)

Prizes at stake: an 80mL bottle of Bodivance, and a shirt and a bag to go with it

You still have a few days left to submit your entries here.  I know there are a lot more whom just dropped by to read about the contest—join us!  Prizes await those who answers the challenge, I mean, the question in the contest, and those who already did practically have it in the bag!  Would you just hand over the prizes over unchallenged?  Who knows, your entry might be the winning one we’re looking for!  Good luck!



“Bodivance Why I Love Sports” Contest

Update: This contest has ended.

Hello everyone!  We have a contest for all of you courtesy of Bodivance called “Bodivance Why I Love Sports.”  Here are the prizes at stake:

  • 80mL Bodivance pump bottle
  • Bodivance Shirt
  • Bodivance Sports Bag

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