Run United 2: Post Race

This is my story of what happened after the race.  You may be wondering where my race story is…

Run United 2 Start/Finish Arch

…Actually, I have none!  I’ve not registered for the race despite really wanting to try the 32K because I’ve already depleted my “sports & travel fund.”  As an alternative I’ve planned to simply run from home towards Bonifacio Global City (BGC), a distance of at least 21K, to meet the gang after their races, but my exhausting “crazy” weekend took its toll on my body and resulted in me waking up just about the time my friends were finishing their 32K races.  Still I dragged myself out of bed and rushed towards BGC to meet whoever was still around.

The side facing runners as they finish their races

The activity area was really interesting as it had different specialized sections for kids, adults, and seniors.  It was a Runrio event after all so you can’t expect anything less but great!  Goodness, it’s been ages since I’ve last joined a Runrio event!  (I don’t even have a Runrio card!)  Sorry Coach Rio, I hope to rectify this soon. 🙂

Well I did meet some familiar faces still around.  As I expected most of my friends have already gone so I wasn’t able to congratulate many of them.  (Congratulations guys!)  But unexpectedly I met a friend whom I’ve not seen in ages, and then we headed off to a new BGC weekend fixture, Mercato Centrale, where we joined some of my friends enjoying their much deserved post-race treats.

Mercato Centrale
Mercato Centrale @ BGC

Mercato Centrale is some sort of a bazaar where you may find some pretty interesting finds which revolves around food and eating.  Some interesting items we found were the “Plants vs. Zombies”-inspired cupcakes and the Mochi (which personally I thought was like Siopao with interesting ice cream filling).  There were of course so much more to surely perk up your interest and curiosity but if you want to catch it next weekend you have to be there early as it closes by midday.  Mercato Centrale is located on the parking lot across BGC.

How about some “Plants vs. Zombies”-inspired cupcakes?


Various flavors of Mochi; I got to try the one with anko or red bean paste (Courtesy: Mochiko)

Sometime later just as I was about to leave BGC, Team CB found me!  (Thanks guys for the doughnuts!)  It was interesting that I met people unexpectedly, but was unable to meet the person I really sought to meet that day.  I think “unexpected” was my word for the day.

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