Ultra Runner Running Barefoot at the Ultra

After a very, very long time this runner finally got a chance to run the tracks of the PSC Arena (formerly Ultra).  It was an unanticipated visit, with an unexpected result.

Even my VFF got left behind!

The last time I was able to run the tracks of PSC Arena was way back December last year during the 360 Fitness Club’s Boot Camp, and for speedwork it was almost two years ago!  But last night, unexpectedly, I was able to return and relive those precious experiences.  I was just supposed to guide some of my officemates for a quick run around the area but eventually they wanted to try the tracks.  Reluctantly, I agreed (my reluctance stemming from the fact that I have to pay ₱35 to use the facilities—not much but I prefer to “run free”).

Since I was a “paying customer” I intend to get my money’s worth, and in this case, be able to at least do some decent runs.  I was wearing my trusty VFF Sprint for the first time on a track, and I thought while doing our two minute 400m warmup run that the feeling was great!  I was feeling so good with the track in fact that I did something I didn’t even pondered of doing—running barefoot!

I stopped doing my speedworks at the tracks of PSC Arena ever since it was flocked by runners (taken during one of the Nike running clinic sessions a long time ago). Coincidentally, Runner’s World running clinic was present last night for their debut session, but the flock left early allowing me to run as I please. 🙂

After that initial 400m warmup, the rest was history sort of speak.  I never imagined that running barefoot on tracks really feels liberating!  What’s more was that I was still able to do my sprints!  I’ve never, even in my wildest dream, imagined sprinting barefoot.  In the end I was able to complete 3 sets of 400m at around 3:20/km pace.

The routines I made were similar to that that we were doing back in the Nike Running Clinic days (the ones I remember, at least)—400m sprint with 400m walk as cooldown before sprinting again (3 sets).  Unfortunately my GF405 wasn’t setup for the 400m track intervals and I always forgot to start monitoring my lap before sprinting so I was only able to read my pace and not keep the lap time :(.

For my officemates, since they were practically in their “taper” for their first 5K run, I suggested that they do a 200m run with 400m walk as break.  I don’t know if they really did it though as I was having the time of my life doing barefoot speedwork.  Afterwards we did an easy 800m “jog” and some core and stretching routines.  Of course the best thing to cap the night was a trip to a nearby eatery famous for their “legendary” sisig. 🙂

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  1. david says:

    nice one ultra dhenz! 🙂


  2. RunningAtom says:

    Woww, ang ganda talaga ng red sprint. Mas maganda pa kesa sa TrekSport 🙂
    Nice running Bro.. see you soon!


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