2010 in Pictures

2010 was the year running took a backseat from my list of activities, but in between my great hiatus there were some interesting events that transpired.  Here’s a look back at how 2010 was for me:


The highlight for the first month of 2010 was my return to running with a 50K test run of the Bataan Death March (BDM) Ultramarathon (first 50K of the actual route).

With our support crew (courtesy Gail Consolacion)


This month continued where January left off—another recon run with the first 50K of the BDM102K—to make a more informed planning session on how we’d tackle the great 102K race.


The month was also the time when we ascended to the roof of Luzon—Mt. Pulag.  It was indeed a “cool” experience to experience subzero temperatures in the Philippines.

At the top of Luzon 🙂


Runner’s World magazine has reached the Philippines, and Team Runner’s World was at the Globe Run to launch the occasion!

The men of Team Runner’s World

Of course the real highlight of the month was the Bataan Death March Ultramarathon 102K: my longest and fastest ultramarathon to date.

Accepting my finisher’s trophy at BDM102 (courtesy Brando Losaria)


That month completed my back-to-back ultramarathons with The North Face 100 in Baguio, which, as the name implies, is a 100K ultramarathon, set on the trails, make that mountains, of Baguio.

Starting line, TNF100
Running in the sky

But as a final preparation for that monumental feat, a “quick” climb to Mt. Maculot was in order.

Getting lost in Mt. Maculot


May is vacation time, and for me it was a delight to have finally been able to visit the island of Boracay!  Of course a barefoot run was in place—what else would runners do with all that fine white sand beach? 😀

Barefoot running in Boracay
Reef walking


June would go down as the month the Team Powerpuff Boys was born, but since I was then in my forced running hiatus due to injuries acquired from my back to back ultramarathons, I was again back at the beach (Canyon Cove) for another quick session of barefoot running.

Team Powerpuff Boys
Canyon Cove


July was the month of the National MILO® Marathon Manila Eliminations—the best elimination leg that I’ve joined to date.

Sprinting to the finish (courtesy PhotoVendo)


August was again ultramarathon season, this time in Ilocos Norte.  It was also in this month I had my first 2,000K lifetime mileage and my first (unexpected) appearance in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Kapurpurawan rocks


CamSur Marathon was this month’s highlight as per road races were concerned—my “perfect” local race, but a trail run—TNF Thrill of the Trail Bohol, shares the spotlight.

Approaching the finish (courtesy Brando Losaria)


For most people, it was the Run for the Pasig River month, but for yours truly it was a trip to Mt. Pinatubo by foot!  Courtesy of PAU of course.

On the way to the crater lake


November is my birthday month, and my favorite activities for the month were the not-the-usual-races Men’s Health Urbanathlon and 360 Fitness Club’s Boot Camp.

Boot camp!


December was my busiest month, but not as far as running is concerned.  In fact, the only running session I’ve for the month that included other people was the VFF fun run!

Courtesy Vibram FiveFingers Fan Club

Looking back with this article I realized that my 2010 wasn’t as unproductive as I originally thought, and it was definitely a year of marathons and ultramarathons.  It really does help to put up a log of your activities (such as a blog) for future references and assessment.  Of course it does add a bit of pressure to be better than the previous, but don’t we all seek to be better?  These would be my benchmark on what to do for the rest of 2011! 😀

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