Good Bye, BGC?

Bonifacio Global City, Bonifacio High Street in particular, had been a runner’s haven for quite some time now, but as its empty lots and the areas around it slowly but surely gets filled up, is it an early sign of good bye?

7th Avenue corner 28th Street (taken April 15, 2011)

The running boom in Metro Manila may have arguably have been aided a lot with the development of Bonifacio Global City.  When I had my first race in BGC more than two years ago not many people knew how to get there, not as many people were into running, and there were so much room to go about.  Fast forward to 2011, many areas have been re-blocked, some roads disappeared (including Katipunan Circle), and two three corners of the BHS block had been taken, including one of my favorite and most memorable spot—7th Avenue corner 28th Street, more popularly known as the “parking area behind R.O.X.”  Had it not been for the almost weekly races in BGC, running may not have been as popular as it is now—who doesn’t love running in BGC and BHS in particular?  I wouldn’t have named it #1 in my Best Places to Run in Metro Manila list if something better exists in the Metro!

My first ever race: this spot had been the site of countless fond memories, and the first site I had to bid farewell to in BGC 😦

It’s only a matter of time before all empty lots around BHS and in BGC will be occupied, and I sure hope that even when that time comes, BGC will still welcome runners into its sidewalks and streets.  I’d hate to see the day when we are no longer allowed to run in the area, because its tenants said so.  Not being able to race in BGC on Sunday mornings is acceptable, but not being able to run there is just unimaginable!  I hope the slogan “BGC in Me” stands as BGC has always been a part of me and my lifestyle.  Thank you BGC and BHS for the warm welcome throughout these years!  I hope this welcome doesn’t expire soon.

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  1. steven says:


    City governments and urban planners should require open space and “green” portions in any urban sprawl. They should incorporate running trails or tracks, including bike trails in park developments. I don’t think is going to happen. So, goodbye High Street as a running venue.


    1. dhenztm says:

      I strongly agree… we’ll have to “wish” that the next great private sector development would incorporate such, as we don’t apperently have any urban planning in the Metro. 😦


  2. RunsNRoses says:

    I think BGC and the city government of Taguig has a lot more to gain by keeping BGC as a running haven. Who goes to the establishments in Hi Street? What about the income they earn from granting permits for the running events? Its win-win for all so I do hope BGC remains runner-friendly.


  3. lonerunner says:

    Nice post. I agree that the running boom wouldn’t be possible if we don’t have nice running routes….bka most of us will still be playing badminton.:)


    1. dhenztm says:

      …And probably badminton accessories and courts’ rates will be the expensive ones hehe. I was one of those who joined that fad…wasn’t able to continue, too expensive per game.


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