Shoe Review: adidas CC Ride

Every one’s in a while, a shoe comes along that breaks the monotony of stereotype and blurs the line between performance and fashion.  The adidas ClimaCool Ride is one such shoe, but with its good looks, can it also perform?

I was on the lookout for a good daily shoe that can also double as a casual running shoe when I stumbled upon the adidas CC Ride.  Of course the main attraction for me was its good looks, not to mention the numerous color varieties, but I admit I was real skeptical about its running aspect.  Personally, I classified it as part of adidas Originals, not adidas Running.

Together with friends: sporting our new adidas CC Ride


I can’t really say that the design of the adidas CC Ride is unique, but I can definitely say that their execution is arguably the best in the competition.  Of course I’m referring to the zigzag design of their soles—it “slithers” flat on the ground, and from the sides it looked segmented.  This unique design allowed the CC Ride to have air vents below (thus the “ClimaCool” tag) similar to triathlon-centric shoes, reduced weight, and surprisingly great flexibility.

My CC Ride color selection

The Test: Yamaha Run for Heroes (21K)

I had been wearing my adidas CC Ride almost daily, including short runs, so I was pretty much confident that it can easily carry me through a half-marathon—but that moment had to wait some time until this race came along.  Of course confidence is better reinforced with proof!

Before subjecting to the test

One of the best attribute of the adidas CC Ride is its light weight.  At about 10oz it’s one of the lightest shoes around.  Despite being lightweight, it’s well constructed so you don’t feel anxious that it would rip easily.  Even a light shoe can feel heavy after a while running, but this nominal weight remains negligible even after 21K.

In terms of fitting, it’s the usual fit from adidas—excellent!  It fits securely without requiring to be laced tightly.  I usually lace my shoe in a way that it won’t fly off while running while still able to put my feet in and out without unlacing, and in this aspect the CC Ride passed with flying colors.  My only comment though was with the supplied laces: it’s thin, lightweight, but a little too smooth.  Even if you doubly-lace your shoes it does untie itself at times.  Fortunately, my laces never untied during the race, but it does that a lot during daily use.

From another angle: notice the thin laces

Categorically, adidas CC Ride is a cushioning shoe so it’s not ideal for those needing special arch support.  And as a cushioning shoe it’s one of the best in its class—cushioning is even and consistent all throughout, and it remains soft even after 21K.

The outer material used feels like woven plastic so it doesn’t absorb water and also allows air to flow through, practically all around and under the shoe.  The holes though aren’t as big as with mesh designs so it’s not as “breathable,” but it’s enough to keep your feet from getting too hot.

In terms of traction, I didn’t feel any difference between regular running shoes and adidas CC Ride.  Traction remained good even on wet surfaces, inclines, and downhills.

My adidas CC Ride’s debut race


  • Excellent fit
  • Soft and flexible soles
  • Lightweight
  • Wide selection of color options
  • Unconventional design
  • Good traction
  • Excellent built


  • Price range in the premium segment


At the end of the 21K, the adidas CC Ride remained comfortable, cool, and soft.  What I observed though was that its insides don’t dry as fast as triathlon-centric shoes, but to be fair it’s still probably faster than regular running shoes.

Overall, I think adidas CC Ride is an excellent shoe sporting great unconventional looks but at the same time performs at par with the best “more serious” running shoes around.  Personally, I found it perfect as a daily shoe and for those impromptu runs!  It is lightweight so hauling it daily isn’t much of a chore, and it doesn’t look awkward with your casual clothes.  I also found it gym-worthy as it remained stable while lifting heavy weights.  It’s one shoe that adidas can definitely brag about, and am so glad to have purchased for myself.  Its price though is a bit on the higher tier, but I can safely say every penny is worth it.

Some of the many color varieties
…makes picking just one, a chore!

* * * * *

I got my adidas CC Ride during adidas’ All In event where they gave 24% discount on all products so its price point became competitive.  Unfortunately though not all advertised designs were available at the time (I was aiming for the black-red combo) so I ended up with my pair, the black-orange (or gold as stated in the label).  Given the chance I’d love to collect a few more pairs as I know I can use it for longer distances (marathon in particular), and since I use my current pair daily, I may need one for my upcoming marathons (yes, with an ‘s’) both here and abroad in the coming months.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jounah Andrew says:

    dude, where store did you bought the adidas cc ride black and orange combo?


    1. dhenztm says:

      Greenbelt 3


  2. vlain says:

    how much is the shoes worth?Thanks =)


    1. dhenztm says:

      When I bought mine it had an SRP of around ₱4,995


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