Yamaha’s Delivery Express!

I am just flabbergasted on how fast my finisher’s medal for the Yamaha Run for Heroes arrived: within hours!  I can’t believe such feats were possible, particularly here in the Philippines!

Shiny 🙂

Hours earlier I thought of emailing the folks handling the delivery of the finisher’s medal because I wasn’t sure what address I placed during my registration (I recently moved to a new location so chances are it’s still pointed there).  I asked if they had a pickup location, but they had none (but they were kind enough to offer me an option near Ortigas Center) so I just gave them my new delivery address here in Makati, and hours later, voila!  My Yamaha Run for Heroes finisher’s medal had arrived!

If you still have not received yours, here are their contact info

Thank you very much Yamaha for the unbelievably fast delivery!  I doubt that any courier service can come close to the feat you’ve achieved today, at least for me. 😀


Did you know that despite falling a bit short of the target runners, Yamaha still donated ₱1 million to HERO Foundation?  It’s a very generous gesture in part of Yamaha, and to all participants, you should be glad that you’re part of this fund raised.  Again, Congratulations to all finishers and thank you Yamaha!

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  1. Isn’t that a silver medal?


    1. dhenztm says:

      Yes, it is 🙂


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