A Pocket of Delight: Patio Vera

Marikina Riverbanks is included in my top five list of the best places to run in Metro Manila and little did I know that just over a kilometer from it lies a great spot to dine after a late afternoon run, Patio Vera.

I am a huge fan of great food.  As a runner I do believe that after a long run not only are we entitled to eat, we deserve to eat great food that’s why whenever I can, wherever I find a great spot to eat I share it here.  Fortunately I have friends that too same the share passion, and was invited to this little pocket of delight in Calumpang, Marikina City called Patio Vera.

Let’s eat!
One of the bigger table for groups

Patio Vera serves a variety of food that tastes just as good as it looks, and comes in big servings as well.  During our visit we were treated to their famous “Dinamita” and squid rings for appetizers, and seafood pasta and shrimp gambas for the main course.

For appetizers: some squid rings
What’s left of the “dinamita” when I arrived (highly recommended)
Iced tea
Shrimp Gambas
Seafood pasta, highly recommended

Aside from visually and gastronomically appealing food, Patio Vera’s ambiance is also great; in fact this restaurant had been the site of numerous pre-nuptial pictorials.

One of the interesting walls of Patio Vera
Nice cozy place for couples
For those who want it “al fresco”
Pretty romantic setting if you ask me 🙂
They also serve some liquor
One of the interesting details you may find around the restaurant
Those are our table’s lights

Because of its accessibility, great food and ambiance, and limited seats expect it to be packed especially on weekends, and as such you should reserve your seats before going to Patio Vera.  They are open every day except Mondays (which is open only for reservations).  Their operating hours are as follows: Sundays: 11AM to 11PM; Tuesdays to Thursdays: 5PM to 11PM; and Fridays to Saturdays: 5PM to 1AM.  They are also open for functions and catering.

Their schedule (something in this picture does not belong :D)

Patio Vera
70 Gen. F. Santos St. Bgy. Calumpang, Marikina City
239 0615 / 915 339 9972 / 926 306 5313

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