Holiday Cheers!

The holidays are meant to be spent with our beloved ones and even us who are friends with the road and blogging are no exception, so before we bade goodbye to the year that was, we had our petite but delightful gathering.

Our “Christmas Party” may be simple and was even set after Christmas, but it’s not about how many people are present, but about who are there!

Pizza: everyone’s favorite
Another favorite: fried chicken
Would barbecue be forgotten?
The popular Filipio dish, Pancit
No Filipino gathering will be complete without this: a videoke machine 😀
If there are food (“pambara”), there are also drinks (“panulak”). For what it’s worth, I actually like the original better.
Let’s go “exotic:” this is called pork “Isaw” (intestine)
If there’s pork, there’s gotta be chicken!
Another local delicacy called “Pichi-pichi”
Are we having fun yet? 😀
Another Filipino trait: no one wants to get the last piece…

I would like to thank our generous hosts for the evening, Noy and Gail Consolacion, for welcoming us to their lovely home.  Finally, an event we all got to sat down, talk, and have fun that is not a media launch or post-race breakfast!  It was so good to see everyone in a different light!

The cast

Christmas may not be the actual day that our Lord Jesus Christ was born, but it’s that special time of the year when we celebrate His arrival on earth.  And nothing keeps you in the spirit of the season better than being with the company of good friends and family.  I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by such good and loving people, and I sure hope that you too enjoyed the holidays as much as I did. 😀

Special thanks to Skechers Philippines for graciously providing our humble gathering with prizes!

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  1. Sey says:

    Wow pichi-pichi. Yes, Christmas spirit wouldn’t be complete without family and friends. We have to be thankful for the gift of family and friends.


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