Jamba Juice Philippines Nutrition Facts

One of my favorite juice bars in the Philippines, Jamba Juice, now had made public the nutrition facts of their products.  This makes a lot of sense for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, particularly those calorie-conscious juice blend lovers.  So which one is healthy and which one is guilt-free?

For simplicity’s sake, the calorie count contained here is based on Jamba Juice’s published “Twelve” serving size (355 ml or 12 fl oz).


Smoothies are probably the most popular product of Jamba Juice for obvious reasons, but as much as they are a delight for the palette, not all of them are exactly for those needing to control their caloric intake.  Here are the smoothies that have the lowest and highest calorie count:

Orange Carrot Karma 180 43 90
Peach Perfection 210 53 20
Strawberry Whirl 220 54 20
Orange Dream Machine 350 76 150
Chocolate Moo’d 430 86 270
Peanut Butter Moo’d 480 83 300

Sometimes the story doesn’t end with the smoothie alone as there are some optional Boosts and Shots you can add.  Very fortunately though, most of these Boost and Shots are calorie-free:

Serving Size
Antioxidant Power 1.70 0
Daily Vitamin 6.50 0
Energy 1.25 0
Flax & Fiber 25.00 45
Immunity 2.50 0
Soy Protein 20.00 30
Whey Protein 39.00 45


You’d be glad to know that juices are still good for those on diet:

Carrot Juice 100 22 170
Orange Juice 170 39 0


Other products that Jamba Juice offers are Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits and Steel-Cut Oatmeal, and among the two, the latter has the lower calorie count.  The former starts at 300 kcal per 355 ml (12 fl oz) while the latter at 180 kcal per 7.25 oz.  Their bread products though are not included with the published nutrition facts list. Calories are sometimes an unfair basis on how healthy a food item is because not all calories are equal, but for those on a strict calorie count diet, nutrition facts like this one helps a lot in making an informed choice.  Even the most calorie-filled items can be part of your diet, but since you know how much its “toll” is, you’d know how to “budget” the rest of your caloric intake and not be burdened by guilt.  Kudos to Jamba Juice for sharing this! You may get your nutrition facts list from the Jamba Juice store.

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  1. bakit ko binasa to?! bakit?! hahahaha! favorite ko pa naman ang peanut butter moo’d. naguilty na ko sa mga inorder ko dati. hehe!


  2. Frances Yeo says:

    Thanks for this! Really really helpful since I am always tempted to buy something from Jamba Juice after I come out of the gym. At least now I know which ones to avoid or at least buy sparingly. Love love love the Peanut Butter Moo’d, though, but obviously the peanut butter makes it a bit more unhealthy haha.


    1. dhenztm says:

      You’re welcome! 🙂


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