Dried Mango Chronicles: Post-Marathon Food Trip (Zubu Chon, Yogo, and Casa Verde)

One of the best feelings after doing a marathon is “guilt-free” eating!  After burning thousands of calories, you practically have the right to eat anything you want, and given this fact and we were in Cebu, one of the best ways to get back those lost calories is with Cebu’s famous Zubu Chon Lechon!

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Zubu Chon

Various locations throughout Cebu

One of the most popular of Cebu’s famous Lechon is by Zubu Chon.  To those who are not familiar with Lechon, it simply refers to a whole pig placed on a stick and roasted over charcoal.  It is definitely not for those watching their cholesterol levels, but since we have an “excuse” there’s no harm in feasting—with moderation of course!  Naturally, Zubu Chon isn’t just about Lechon—they also cater other dishes.

Zubu Chon (and you were thinking we got an entire pig? :D)
Another great dish: Sisig
Here is something a bit less on the guilt: Stuffed Squid

Food Tip: Zubu Chon has many branches throughout Metro Cebu so you may want to ask around for a branch near you.

Some Chicharon for you to bring home 🙂
Some spices and condiments are also available here

What do we usually feel after eating?  Sleepy!  That’s what happened to yours truly, so after eating I went back to my hotel and got some shut eyes.  And as expected, the next time I was out of my room was for dinner!

Casa Verde

Located in The Walk, Cebu IT Park

Being my last night at Cebu IT Park, I made sure to return to one of my favorite restaurants anywhere, Casa Verde.  And I went back just for one thing: their “legendary” Brian’s ribs!

Don’t ask me who Brian is, but he sure has some great ribs!

I love these ribs so much that it had been my habit to bring a few orders of these back to Manila.  It never fails to impress first timers, and always a hit to recipients.  Highly recommended!


Various locations, but this one is also at The Walk

After a hearty meal, it’s nice to cap it with some nice and healthy desserts and for this last night at Cebu IT Park, I got me some frozen yogurt.  Yes, it’s the usual frozen yogurt found all throughout Metro Manila, but since it’s Cebu, you get the same great frozen yogurt, but for much less price!

Frozen Yogurt: great way to end a great dinner

This was my last night in Cebu IT Park, but it’s just the start of my Cebu food trip.  I still have an entire day in Cebu, and that’s coming up next!

* * *

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