Visa Requirements for Philippine Passport Holders

Another long weekend is coming and for many Filipinos, that also means a good chance to travel.  For those who may be thinking of going out of the country for a quick vacation, here’s a list (based on a Wikipedia article) of countries where Philippine passport holders can enter without a visa.

Where to? 😀

South East Asia

Filipinos enjoy visa-free entry to all ASEAN member states.  For Timor-Leste (East Timor), visa is issued upon arrival:

Country Notes
Brunei 14 days
Cambodia 21 days
Indonesia 30 days
Laos 30 days
Malaysia 30 days
Myanmar 14 days
Singapore 30 days
Thailand 30 days
Vietnam 21 days
Timor-Leste Visa on arrival

East Asia

Only certain territories of East Asian countries offer visa-free entry:

Country Notes
Macau 30 days
Hong Kong 14 days
South Korea 30 days, Jeju Island only

Rest of Asia

Only Israel and Mongolia offer visa-free entry to Filipinos outside East and South East region of the continent.  More countries that provide visa on arrival are:

Country Notes
Israel 3 months
Mongolia 21 days
Armenia Visa on arrival
Georgia Visa on arrival
India Visa on arrival
Kyrgyzstan Visa on arrival
Maldives Visa on arrival
Nepal Visa on arrival
Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization
Tajikistan Visa on arrival


Only Gambia and Morocco provide visa-free entry to Filipinos in Africa.  More countries that provide visa on arrival are:

Country Notes
Gambia 90 days; must obtain an entry clearance from the
Gambian Immigration prior to travel
Morocco up to 3 months
Burundi Visa on arrival
Cape Verde Visa on arrival
Comoros Visa on arrival
Djibouti Visa on arrival
Guinea-Bissau Visa on arrival
Kenya Visa on arrival
Madagascar Visa on arrival
Mali Visa on arrival
Mauritania Visa on arrival
Mozambique Visa on arrival
Seychelles Visitor’s Permit on arrival
Somalia Visa on arrival
Tanzania Visa on arrival
Togo Visa on arrival
Uganda Visa on arrival
Zambia Visa on arrival


Fiji, Micronesia, and Vanuatu allow visa-free entry to Filipinos in the region.  More countries that provide visa on arrival are:

Country Notes
Fiji 4 months
Micronesia 30 days
Vanuatu 30 days
Marshall Islands Visa on arrival
Palau Visa on arrival
Papua New Guinea Visa on arrival
Samoa Entry Permit on arrival
Tuvalu Visa on arrival

The Americas

Several countries in the Americas offer visa-free entry to Filipinos:

Country Notes
Bolivia 90 days
Brazil 90 days
Colombia 90 days on arrival, extend another
90 days for 180 days total
Costa Rica 30 days upon arrival, can extend
for total of 90 days
Dominica 21 days
Ecuador 90 days
Haiti 3 months
Peru 183 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month
Suriname 90 days
Nicaragua Visa on arrival
Saint Lucia Visa on arrival

 The Philippines
Visa on arrival

I compiled this list as a quick reference, but as a good travel practice always check the visa requirements of your destination country before departing. 🙂

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