BGC Quickie

It was a weekend and I was about to meet some old time friends in Bonifacio Global City (BGC).  I was a few hours early and I have my trusty camera with me.  The sun was also setting so I thought of getting some quick shots around BGC to see what has changed.

So, what has changed?

BGC is probably the most aggressive site in the country in terms of development.  Personally, I call it the “crane capital” of the Philippines because of the numerous cranes you see in the skyline due to the construction sites everywhere your look.  I think I know just about every street within BGC but I still get a bit confused at times whenever I’m away for a few months because all of a sudden, I realized that a new building popped out and everything looked differently!

My “photo walk” started on the outskirts of BGC where it’s more relaxed
Burgos Circle is a great spot to hang out in the afternoon because of the shade it gets from the surrounding buildings
Side walks tend to be a bit narrow on some parts here, but you can always get across where the space is wider 🙂
Sculptures abound BGC
I guess I don’t have to remind you to occasionally “look up”
The centerpiece of BGC: Bonifacio High Street (BHS)
The side walks around BHS tend to be a bit wider than the usual
One of the latest additions to BHS is this fountain where many children like to play
The view facing the “old” BHS from the fountain area
I still love this walkway covered with plants
Stop and smell the flowers 🙂
Another relatively recent addition to BGC is the Track 30th
These used to be open for outdoor exercises as it was designed for, now it is not allowed to be used and cordoned off
On the other side of BHS is the Terra 28th
Terra 28th is more or less a kid’s playground
There’s also a space here for playing traditional Filipino games
This chameleon’s “color” can be changed with those rotating tiles
I actually prefer Terra 28th over Track 30th because of how greener this space is
BGC is really a global city with its excellent urban planning
Time to call it a day 😀

* All photos taken with a SONY NEX 5N using SEL16F28 lens.

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