Food Trip: Wabi-Sabi

Wabi-Sabi is quiet little vegetarian restaurant tucked inside a relatively hidden area called The Collective.  I’ve known about Wabi-Sabi for quite some time now and recently I’ve become a frequent customer.  Here are three reasons why:

Your Wabi-Sabi experience starts here

Viet Pho

I’ve always been a fan of this Vietnamese dish because it tastes so healthy because of all the vegetables in it, and Wabi-Sabi’s version looks a bit different because of what seems like meat in it.  I actually thought it was real meat and I really, really liked the ones that looked like chicharon.  Later on it came to me that it was actually vegetarian meat!  This is a very light dish perfect for those who want something that tastes healthy and good at the same time.

Viet Pho (₱105)

Shoyu Ramen

If you like ramen then this is one you must try.  It has all these vegetarian meats that I’m quite crazy for swimming in that really good broth.  Their ramen is not too firm and definitely not soggy, and the egg is interesting that the white is hard boiled while the yolk is a bit mushy.

Shoyu Ramen (₱120)

Miso Ramen

The last noodle that I tried, but definitely not the least.  As a miso based ramen, I was thinking that it may be salty but to my delight it was not.  I was even asked if I wanted it with butter (which I said yes to without hesitation) so it was quite rich.  As usual, it had a generous serving of those really tasty vegetarian meat and the corn makes the broth taste quite interesting.  If you want some extra “kick” you may put in some chili powder.

Miso Ramen (₱130)

This compilation was made with several visits because obviously I can’t eat three bowls in one sitting.  Their serving size is good that it’s enough to make you full and not feel guilty afterwards, but it’s still enough for sharing if you don’t plan to eat that much.  I love that despite their food being vegetarian, it tastes really good!  I’m even addicted to the vegetarian meat in their noodles that I sometimes think tastes better than real meat.  Even the seasoned meat lover would not be able to tell that their meat is from vegetables if you did not say so.  And all these comes with a really reasonable price!  It’s pretty difficult to find a vegetarian restaurant that serves good food with good serving size and with affordable prices, especially in Makati.

The “Pho vs Ramen” wall
Dining Tip: Prices do not include service charge and only cash payments are accepted.  They do provide good service so I highly suggest that you set aside extra for tips.  A 10% tip should be perfectly acceptable in this part of the world, but feel free to give more should you feel a bit generous! 😀

These are just three of a myriad of reasons why I keep coming back to Wabi-Sabi.  I wish I could pick one favorite among these noodles, but I like them all equally.  Aside from noodles, they serve other dishes (that I will try next as I’ve completed their noodle triumvirate) and also sell vegetarian items.  They also serve good Thai iced tea.

Try also their Thai iced tea

Wabi-Sabi opens a bit late, from 12PM to 8PM during weekdays and up to 11PM during weekends.  They do have limited seats so for big groups try to come during off peak hours.  They are located inside The Collective (you may have to ask for directions if it’s your first time there as the restaurant is not visible from the outside) which is located on the outskirts of Malugay St (near Mayapis St / South Luzon Expressway), Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City.

Wikipedia: Wabi-sabi (侘寂) represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.  The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.”

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