A Surprise Party from Unilab Active Health

Nothing beats the feeling of being appreciated and this Christmas season, I felt really appreciated by Unilab Active Health when they staged a surprise party for us bloggers with their bloggers’ appreciation night. It was such a fun night, and I’m sharing it here for posterity.

It began as a usual bloggers’ event invite. Little did we know that there was nothing to be launched that night, but something special was in store for us. I was not until most of us had arrived that we were informed that it was not the usual launch but instead a night dedicated by Unilab Active Health as appreciation to us, their blogger partner. Isn’t that sweet? They actually threw a party for us!

We were serenaded with a live band!
Coach Rio and Sir Lester gave us some brief speech and an exciting glimpse of what is in store for Run United 2015
Ms. Zeny giving a jaw-dropping performance

No party is complete without any games, and ready or not, bloggers were up to the task.  Emoji movie titles was new to me, but the perennial “Pinoy Henyo” could arguably be the most exciting.

The tandem of Running Suplado and Cheapanggang Diva
And the winning tandem of ulikblogrunner and Kamoterunner

The party also gave way for runner bloggers to showcase their “hidden” talents.

The first set was done by Running Suplado
Not to be outdone was the Running Diva
The Singing Dad performs a duet with Ms. Zeny
Cheapanggang Diva, Running Diva, and Running Suplado dances to the groove

It was such a fun night and a rare setting for us bloggers to get together for no particular reason, and I’m thankful that Unilab Active Health went out of their way to show their appreciation.  Thank you and I really appreciate it! 😀

Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year everyone!

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