Hangtuff Fitness

There’s a relatively new fitness center along Jupiter St., Makati City and it goes by the name Hangtuff Fitness.  It may be small and not so easy to find, but they offer many things that you may like.

Hangtuff Fitness

Hangtuff Fitness is definitely one of the smallest fitness centers I’ve seen (at 108 square meters) but their little space is multi-purpose and so they cater a variety of classes from Belly Dancing to Zumba! They also have functional and circuit training so they can be rid of traditional gym equipment.

No traditional gym equipments here but they do have an arsenal of tools you may use
And this was taken before we had our Zumba class

Company Profile

Hangtuff Fitness is a unique and personalized gym.  We are small provider with big ideas.  We aim to offer personalized and professional approach to your fitness requirements.

Hangtuff has been over 4 years in the planning and registered on the Philippines SEC back in 2013.  The idea and concept of Hangtuff comes from an Australian citizen who has a passion for fitness and healthy life style.  He believes that you don’t need to be gym junkie to feel and see the benefits of regular exercise.

Having been a competitor and an instructor in both Karate and Triathlon, as well as a dictated Adventure Racer.  He understands the discipline and hard work required to reach fitness goals.  It’s not something you are born with, but instead something you learn from people that have been there and done it before.

He first visiting Manila back in 2012, and came across Ayala Triangle.  Whilst enjoying a coffee and scenery on a summers afternoon.  He was completely amazed by the shear numbers of people running the Triangle.  Curiosity got the better of him, so he couldn’t help but research Philippines fitness market.  He discovered that in the Makati area there appeared to be a lack of class based training that he enjoyed back in Australia.

So a concept was born, 2 years later saw the opening of Hangtuff Fitness.

Let’s face it! Getting fit is not easy! It takes a special sort of person that can buy a gym membership; go in day after day to do mind mumming exercise on reparative machines.  You put in the effect to go to the gym; you want to make sure that every single minute is utilized to your benefit.

At Hangtuff Fitness we work on feeding the mind as well as exercising the body.  We use good old fashion friendship, encouragement from both fellow gym goes, work colleagues as well as our staff to get you started and keep you on track.

Class based training means our instructors are there for every minute of your class.  Ensuring that you are exercising correctly and getting the best possible results from every minute you spend training.

We structure our classes to clients’ needs.  Whether you are an absolute beginner or someone seeking that edge on your fitness.  We alter the workout to ensure we are giving you the challenged that matches your fitness level.

We are always seeking and looking for new training techniques and concepts to keep your training fresh and enjoyable.

Our mission is to ensure you reach your fitness goals.  Whether that’s losing a couple of kilos of stubborn fat, or you wanting to go take on a World champion event, let us help you on that journey.

For a complete list of what they offer, their schedules, and their rates, see the slides below:

* * *

Sweating like a pig after my first ever Zumba class

Hangtuff Fitness is located at OPPEN Building, 101-D Jupiter St., Makati City.  For more information, you may visit www.hangtuff.com.ph or their Facebook page.

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