Shoe Review: Maxxed Flight 101

It’s not often that we get to see a Philippine brand go head to head with international ones, particularly with running shoes.  And now, a local brand, Maxxed, did just that, and I’m lucky to have a chance to try their flagship model, Flight 101.  Here’s my review.

Maxxed Flight 101

At first glance, you wouldn’t know that the Maxxed Flight 101 came from a local brand.  The design is definitely eye-catching and at par with competing international brands.  Actually, the design is very much reminiscent of a particular shoe design from a German sports brand with those blades on the middle to heel part of the sole.

First glance

In terms of weight, the Maxxed Flight 101 is very light—at par with similar shoes in the lightweight category albeit no official weight was given.  The surrounding mesh is practically like a net so it’s very breathable but it has a second layer underneath so that your socks (or feet) won’t be seen through.  It has soft foam around the ankle for comfort and the lacing is pretty much standard.

Maxxed Flight 101 from various angles

My first impression when I first wore the Maxxed Flight 101 is that the fit is a bit narrow for those with wide feet.  It fits well for those like me who have narrow feet though.  Maxxed Flight 101 is a neutral shoe so it’s good for everyone that does not have special needs for their feet.

Key Features

Why Maxxed Flight 101?

How Maxxed Flight 101 Works

I first wore the Maxxed Flight 101 as a regular shoe, for casually getting around the office.  A typical day would require me to walk and sometimes even run.  And at the end of my first day with my Maxxed Flight 101, I noticed one thing peculiar when I walk briskly—it squeaks!  I thought I was just hearing things, so I decided to record myself as I walked briskly:

I noticed that the sound is originating from the blades rubbing against each other.  This happens when I walk briskly because walking would make you land on your heels, and on a faster pace the landing would be a bit harder.  But when I run, it’s totally quiet!  I normally land on my forefoot or midfoot when running so I don’t land as hard on the blades on the heels.

Wearing the Maxxed Flight 101 for 10K at the AmCham ScholaRUN

The AmCham ScholaRUN would be my venue to figure out how the Maxxed Flight 101 would really fare.  I was running a 10K and despite the usual caution about using something new during races, I was confident that the Maxxed Flight 101 would not do me harm.  And so I ran 10K in Maxxed Fight 101, and it performed quite well—no squeaks!  Except of course when I land on my heels (like when slowing down to approach the hydration stations).  As I ran the race, I had figured out the following pros and cons:


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • A lot of color options
  • Good fit
  • Comfortable


  • Price (SRP ₱6,999)
  • Squeaking sound when landing hard enough on heels

Let me begin with the cons.  First, the price.  As a local brand, I think the introductory price is a bit of a deterrent for runners to try the Maxxed Flight 101.  It is priced at around the same level with much more popular international brands so between a known international brand and a new local brand, having the same price may not be in favor of the latter.  Second, that squeak.  You can look at it as both good and bad actually.  On the bad side, it is actually annoying as it is like wearing those toddlers’ shoes that squeaks when stepped on.  It takes quite an effort to prevent it from making a noise so I won’t suggest you wear it in quiet places.  On the good side though, it does not squeak when landing forefoot or midfoot when running—therefore, you have the perfect shoe for heel strikers wanting to transition to midfoot!  You have a shoe that has a built-in “alarm” whenever you land on your heels so you’d know when you land on your heels during running!

Some of the Maxxed Flight 101 color options

Overall, Maxxed Flight 101 is a good running shoe.  It is lightweight, highly breathable, and it fits well and secure.  It is also available in a variety of color options, from the usual black with color highlights to the bright and loud ones like the green-blue model that I tested.  The price point though may be a bit of a deterrent and that squeaking sound disqualifies it from walking.  If you’re a neutral heel-striker though wanting to train to land midfoot, the Maxxed Flight 101 is perfect for you.

Maxxed Flight 101 is available in Sportshouse branches nationwide.

* * *

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