The Old and the New at AmCham ScholaRUN

AmCham ScholaRUN was one of those rare events that came along that gave me the opportunity to be reunited with the folks that I started running with and at the same time encourage new ones to start running.  It’s not a big, branded race but it was quite memorable for me.

10K Finisher’s Medal

Without disclosing names, my current and former employers were coincidentally both major sponsors for AmCham ScholaRUN.  That former company was where I, together with my then new officemates, started running.  It was there where runningpinoy was born.  But as we eventually parted ways (with me moving into a few companies since then), the chances of us stumbling onto one another during races became rare.  And since that former employer is a major event sponsor, I was hoping that I’d stumble into those folks once again!  I wasn’t certain, but I was hoping.

And since my current employer is also a major event sponsor, it was a golden opportunity for me to introduce my current officemates into running.  There weren’t as many as I had hoped, but it’s a good start.  On the crazy side though, many of them started with the 10K!

I was hoping to arrive early during the race to hopefully be of some help to my officemates but a road accident along EDSA caused a Monday morning rush hour-like traffic that prevented me from doing so.  As a consolation though, I was able to start with the 5K runners—five minutes after the 10K.

The 10K route was surprisingly more challenging than I had expected.  I probably had gotten used to the flat terrain of SM Mall of Asia area (where major races are usually held) that I had forgotten how hilly Bonifacio Global City is.  Anyway, as much as it was a bit bothersome, I was anxious to catch up with my officemates so I didn’t pay much attention to it.  I was cautious though that I don’t run in a pace that’s no longer “fun.”  I wasn’t there to set a new personal best to begin with but a sub-60 10K would be nice.

The 10K route

It was not until halfway through the race when I saw a familiar face, and we did not meet again until the finish line.  Eventually though we all met at the finish line area after all our respective races.  It’s much like my first time racing, albeit with a different set of folks this time.

As I explored the activity area, my hope was realized.  There I saw the faces I’ve long not seen!  The folks that I started running with.  And some familiar faces that I’ve not had the chance to run with.  In a way it was a mini reunion of sorts.  After all these years, I was really so glad to have seen them again!

AmCham ScholaRUN is a pretty well-organized event with consistent distance markers every kilometer, ample hydration, and accurate distance.  The route was quite a challenge, but I loved it!  The 10K route even reached C5, going down that ramp from Market! Market! and back up.  And to my surprise, there were finisher’s medals for all categories!  It’s a great token to motivate first timers—and I saw quite a lot of seemingly new runners with this race.

At the end of the day, I was so glad that this event came along—I was able to reunite with my past and influence some future runners!  And I got some decent running photo too!

Woohoo!  Finally, a new and decent race photo! 😀
Courtesy AmCham Foundation (ACFPI) on Facebook

Congratulations to all the finishers!  You may view the race results here.

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