Superhero for a Day: A Morning Inside the DC Comics Universe

It’s not every day your get to suit up as your favorite superhero and it’s not every day you see thousands of superheroes in a single location, all running!  But that day came, on the day of DC Comics’ 80th anniversary, via the World of DC Comics All-Star Fun Run.

Saturday morning: at the starting line

Ever since I’m a little kid, I’ve always wanted to be a superhero—Superman in particular.  Who wouldn’t?  He can fly, he’s got super strength, he’s practically invincible, and he’s practically the epitome of an ideal man.  While we may never come close to what Superman is in the comic books, we can, mere earthlings, at least suit up and look like him!  And the recently held DC Comics All-Star Fun Run gave me and a lot others the chance to do just that!

At the starting line of the 10K

Since this is my rare opportunity to be in Superman costume, I thought I might as well push the envelope with suiting up.  As much as I had wanted to wear my Superman event singlet, it’s not as “fitting” as I wanted.  We all know how superheroes wear their costumes—tight!  And I was quite fortunate that a very prominent sports brand has Superman compression shirts available so the rest is history.  I was actually pondering of taking it further by wearing matching tights, but I didn’t find any ready to wear ones in the market.  There were some feasible alternative, but my budget prohibited me from splurging so I just made use of what I have and put some creativity into it.  But given the chance, yes, I would’ve worn blue tights, but it would probably take a lot of convincing before I wear that red briefs on the outside. 😀

The result: Superman compression shirt by Under Armour, red running shorts by Nike, football socks by adidas, and my blue Puma Mobium Elite shoes

The race itself was pretty much as smooth as it can get despite the huge turnout.  The 10K started on time and race marshals were everywhere as expected.  The supply of the sports drinks were more than the plain water which is surprisingly pleasant, and hydration stations were plenty.  Race distance markers weren’t consistent though, but for a fun run it doesn’t really matter.  There was just a bit peculiar and kind of dangerous part of the 10K event where the route intersects with itself so there’s a huge chance of bumping into another runner if someone wasn’t cautious enough.

The 10K Route: the intersection is near the 3K and 9K marks on the map

As far as what others were wearing, yes, there were quite some that stood out and leveled-up from what the standard registration kit came with.  I saw quite a handful of ladies in skirts matching their Wonder Woman costumes, there were some that wore red briefs outside their tights for their Superman costumes, and there were those in full Batman and The Flash costumes!  I also saw some barefoot runners but they don’t seem to be in the mood for costumes.  But silly me, I don’t have pictures to show. 🙂

The queues at various sponsor booths at the activity area after the race

After the race, finishers were presented their medals and some other freebies all throughout the activity area at SM by the Bay.  Among the samplers from the sponsors, one of my favorites would be the Slurpee!  It’s my first time to have it after the race so it’s nice and we got lucky that the line hasn’t formed long when we went into their booth.

The standard medal for finishers of all legs

Overall, I really loved this event!  DC Comics All-Star Fun Run gave me the opportunity to have an event where I can both run and suit up as my favorite superhero!  There were some things that could still be better that’s why I’m looking forward to having a repeat of this event in the future.  And I really, really do hope there’s a repeat!  And maybe next time, I’ll be in tights! 😎

To the organizers of this event and their team, Thank you!  Congratulations as well to all the finishers!  You may view the race results here.

So, which superhero were you that day in the DC Universe? 😀

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